Do you communicate with your students, pupils or your colleagues online? What tool do you use?

I work at the school and am trying to make my lessons interactive. Sometimes we also meet after classes with my students. I see that they like the way we learn and sometimes even their friends are asking how they can join us.

I decided to create a space for us, but I haven’t imagined how hard it will be! It seems like there are so many tools, but when it comes to reality – not at all.

Facebook Groups – class is too young for Facebook. Google Drive – no communication. WhatsApp – can not share information in a proper way and I don’t want my class to start using messenger because of my classes.

I was thinking, maybe some of you are already using any “social networks” to speak more with pupils, students or colleagues and share information?
Maybe there is a forum or your college or school has a website for this?

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