Everyone likes to bash Bitcoin during the bear markets.


  1. the_obscurus


    On a long enough timeline everyone becomes a Bitcoin maximalists…

    How long you’ve been on the timeline and how intelligent you are will dictate your response to my statement.

  2. bitiegg


    THANK YOU… FINALLY someone said this. Crypto community bashing Bitcoin makes everyone involved like a bunch of children. If Bitcoin succeeds, it opens the way for every other coin out there. Stop it with the immature hate just because you’re holding bags of alts.

  3. This sub loves to hate on Bitcoin, because the majority of people here all found out about crypto within the past year and are holding heavy alt-coin bags. They also fail to realize that Bitcoin has been tried and tested for nearly a **decade**, and it is still going strong today with the most institutional/public acceptance and usage **by far**. And as we’ve seen time and time again, Bitcoin is the backbone of all crypto and (imo) the most resilient store of value the world has ever seen. Some of the shitcoins that people attempt to shill here are absolutely laughable.

  4. shar12392


    Stating that we are still very early in the cryptocurrency space is not a bold statement. When compared to traditional markets, Bitcoin and all other blockchain projects have yet to even appear on the radar of most individuals of power and wealth.

  5. jagathsilva


    I think it is unfair to value other coins based on bitcoin, for this reason, I like decoupling. If bitcoin becomes “digital gold” it will keep its value, but there are many other projects which are closer to real world applications hence I dont think it’s fair to value them based on bitcoin

  6. YRuafraid


    This sub is the home of the alt-coin kiddy pool. Where retards who discovered crypto last year think anything with a “blockchain” like Tron, provides the same benefits of the Bitcoin blockchain. These morons bash the only truly immutable blockchain and give life to shitcoins and ICO scams. Bitcoin is the best application of blockchain, the only crypto that has provides financial freedom, the only crypto that banks are threatened by… and yet, these dumbasses act as useful idiots for the banks when they try to bash Bitcoin. I love it when the idiots here blame Bitcoin when their shitcoins plummet

  7. shibe5


    The price will be going up and down with Bitcoin, or without it. The real problem that I have with this “coupling” is when Bitcoin becomes dysfunctional, but we still have to use it, because it has the widest adoption among merchants and exchanges. We should be increasing adoption of our other cryptos to the point where a problem in any single crypto doesn’t affect users of other cryptos.

  8. mlk960


    “Don’t call out our drawbacks because then people will think badly of us and that’s bad for the whole market because we are the brand ambassador for crypto.” I won’t push your agenda for short term gains. It will be better when people realize Bitcoin doesn’t deserve the #1 spot and things are able to decouple. Which by the way, won’t happen ‘naturally.’ It will require effort to set up more fiat pairings. Bitcoin did an extraordinary thing in paving the way for this whole space, but it simply can’t compete with next generation projects.

  9. Vengefulseven


    Just my opinion: Bitcoin does not perform as it was intended to. 30-50$ fees and slow transaction speed have basically made bitcoin a game for those with a lot of money. As a casual investor, I don’t use or buy bitcoin. Other alts have already improved the formula and I would never use Bitcoin to bridge me from fiat to other alts I own unless I absolutely had no other options.

  10. newsNotice


    Btc will loose its dominance to ALTs in 2018 onwards. ALTs will give you much more profits as compared to BTC or even king coins like ETH NEO LTC.

    HODL solid ALTs and they won’t disappoint you:

    ICX, TAU, NANO, CAN, RPX AND XRP are my favs

  11. TripTryad


    Some people will always enjoy throwing rocks at the throne. Its just a personality type. Its never going to go away, its useless trying to get people to stop really.

  12. ElitePrimal


    Everyone thinks that Fiat pair’s whit every Alt will do the job. But every fiat/alt pair dropped alongside bitcoin.

    The real decoupling will come when the market is worth trillions, other Coins find their niche market and tokens have working products making profits to sustain the price.

    I also agree, almost 100% of people coming into the space is thanks to Bitcoin.

  13. intertron


    >Bitcoin and its reputation is why money enters the crypto space.

    When you make stupid blanket statements like that, they are almost guaranteed to be wrong. Crypto didn’t really take off until Ethereum and ERC20s arrived so it seems to be the complete opposite of what you are saying.

  14. Harucifer


    Au the contraire, my friend. I was bashing on Bitcoin DURING the bullrun. 50$ tx fees to be confirmed quickly? That was fucking attrocious and caused loss of adoption.

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