Documents show Ajit Pai met with AT&T execs right after the company started paying Michael Cohen. Congress needs to overturn the FCC’s net neutrality repeal and investigate.


  1. Simoney1182


    Man you guys get more *desperate* every day. Mods – Way to ~~let~~ actively help a default sub become 100% politicized.

    BTW, It’s totally working too. (Drumpf is finished it’s over for him).

  2. YNot1989


    During the election this sub was the most apolitical group of “both parties are the same,” comments outside of r/politics after Bernie lost. After 17 months of having the Republicans back in charge it seems like everyone has come to their senses and seen that one party isn’t always as liberal as you might like it to be, and the other party is a pack of whores and thieves for the highest bidder.

  3. mf-TOM-HANK


    Democracy is dying. Plutocracy reigns supreme. Gormless nihilism in our civil servants is a feature, not a bug.

    But at least the *librul tears* are flowing, amirite?

  4. newloaf


    What I just realized (forgive me for being behind the curve):

    Michael Cohen didn’t just pay out bribes for Trump, but collected them too!

    Holy shit.

  5. The best way to hold Ajit Pai to account is for members of Congress to vote for the CRA and reverse the agency’s repeal.

    The Senate will vote on net neutrality in less than 24 hours. **[If you’d like to see the FCC’s repeal overturned please call your lawmakers ASAP.](**

  6. Method__Man


    Their interest is profit, this bill makes them huge sums of it at the expense of the people. Why would they change it? They only care about money not people

  7. devindotcom


    I hate to pour cold water on this, but that meeting was during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, a major wireless industry event where regulators often meet with execs from major companies. They didn’t need a fixer to set this up, they probably talked fairly regularly already. Honestly it would be strange to me if the proud new Chairman of the FCC *didn’t* meet with wireless CEOs at MWC to talk policy.

    Ajit Pai already had a big speech against NN planned for the next day, so it’s not like AT&T told him to do it. And he’d written publicly to broadband and cable industry folks indicating that he planned to repeal NN as soon as possible months before, after the election. I mean, the guy also wrote a 60-page dissent when the 2015 order came out and said regularly that he would undo it if given the chance.

    I’m as much for NN as anyone else, but this doesn’t seem like a conspiracy to me at all.

  8. ecafyelims


    It looks like a bribe to me, especially juxtaposed alongside the other payments to Cohen’s company which correlate to favorable treatment by the White House Administration.

    How do investigators distinguish between a bribe and a coincidence?

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