UPbit audit confirms South Korea’s biggest Cryptocurrency Exchange was not at fault. It was all just FUD!


  1. turk-fx


    – Chapter 1: Load the Korean FUD
    – Chapter 2: Load the Chinese FUD
    – Chapter 3: Load the Japanese FUD
    – Chapter 4: Wall Street talk shit about crypto. it is end of the world!
    – Chapter 5: Go back to Chapter 1.

  2. MattOmatic50


    It’s ok, “consensus” will see the market go mad, they say, everything will rise during “consensus”, they say.

    The proof is there, it’s been happening since, well, at least 3 years and every time, the market rises – an entire 3 events means there **must** be a pattern, right?

  3. SheikhShake


    I’m shocked that people are so shocked at the shocking revelation that Upbit was not at fault with so much FUDs been around since last week’s shocking raid.

  4. Rezless


    Can we please stop accusing all bad news for being FUD? There clearly was a misunderstanding of how their systems worked, and there was an audit performed.

    This was a false accusation, not FUD. Learn the difference.

  5. Steven81


    The market remains 20% below still (than before the “news” were released), meaning that it was not the fud what triggered the sales but rather it was the FUD that was retroactively used to explain the mass sales.

    What’s most probable is that the market rejected the $10000 mark for bitcoin and the rest of the cryptos followed. It was an expected tumble after a month of constant increase in price.

    FUD or no FUD the market would had fallen anyway. At this point I have stopped reading the crypto”news”. Thinks happen because it is a game of speculation, news (good or bad) have little bearing. If anything most of them were much better than last year, yet the market is standing at less than 50% of its peak capitalizaion.

    It’s much easier to think that the market was overbought and that exponentials are not sustainable for more than a few weeks, instead of trying to explain it away with FUD. Fud or no Fud markets that go parabolic tumble eventually…

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