French Finance minister: « I was a rookie a year ago, but now, I’ve been seized by a sudden passion. It took me a year. Let’s teach this knowledge to our fellow citizen to make France the first place for blockchain & crypto innovation in Europe »


  1. jadedlion


    There’s a reason why most tech companies are in the US and China. Don’t get lured to Europe, they will drive your business into the ground with regulation, permits, licenses, taxes, the king’s will etc.

  2. BifocalComb


    Haha with a 70% top tax bracket? Good luck.

    Edit: it’s 45% plus other taxes. There is also a wealth tax. I got the 70% from misremembering Hollande’s tax plan, which had a 75% top bracket.

  3. rookert42


    France needs to realise that **Ledger is a crown jewel in crypto commerce**, really a top notch company that they should be proud of. A sign of innovative, next-gen companies instead of old, slow large industry (when they don’t strike).

  4. tombusby


    France is commie as fuck, probs not gonna have much luck there. Terrible business climate in general.

    High taxes, stifling regulations. Downvote me, don’t care. I’m right.

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