Next General Learning Facility

Recently Central Coast Grammar School renovated our English & History classrooms, collaboratively designing truly Next Generation Learning Spaces. We were challenged to get 40 HD videos sources wirelessly projecting to 40 HD projectors and screens, simultaneously, in a high-density environment, along with 300 users / 600 devices doing their usual wireless networking. The resultant wireless bandwidth requirements were so high that only multiple wireless access points running double channels (in the 802.11ac 5GHz spectrum) in each room would work, and the problem then was all channels would be duplicated across 10 x classrooms, a green room & 2 x staffrooms that cross channel interference would degrade wifi performance to abysmal levels. Our solution? Our Director of ICT designed a crude Faraday Cage using copper mesh to shield the rooms. The result is the only building in the world that can deliver 40 x 1080p HD video from 40 devices of any type (smartphones, tablets, laptops) to 40 different screens simultaneously and wirelessly.

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