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  1. punchbagged


    Is it wrong that I’m actually hoping the market dips further? I just can’t see how it won’t eventually rebound way higher than this. If ETH hits $400 I guess I have to agree it’s ‘bad news’, but does anyone really doubt it will get back to $800? I don’t, and will be going deep at that point to make a sexy 2x.

  2. iuli123


    Hello Institutional money? Is it cryptocurrency you’re looking for?

    > Coinbase has just announced that they will be finally launching their index fund

  3. duasto


    What coins are the biggest losers of this dip and will be the biggest gainer in the coming weeks?

    I’ll say NEO, ICX, EOS and XRP

  4. AsAWhackMan


    Guys it’s easy to be bullish long term. Market can only move in two directions and bear markets rarely last for more than a year. You know how long the bear market of the 1930s lasted? 3 years. That’s the longest in of the last 90 years.

    In the meantime let’s take this opportunity to shit on coins that are useless like Bitcoin and Neo so we don’t make the same mistake when the market turns and invest in bullshit.

  5. HollandLane


    Fresh from revealing plans to add Ethereum Classic to its exchange, crypto giant Coinbase today announced that its cryptocurrency index fund —first revealed in March — is open to investors in the U.S..

  6. FFRRii33NNDD


    I was just reading up on some tax stuff:

    >Exchanging one token for another — for example, using Ethereum to purchase an altcoin — creates a taxable event. The token is treated as being sold, thus generating capital gains or losses.

    So, according to this, we’re supposed to/going to pay a tax on every trade made? Capital gains tax for every trade? Wouldn’t that mean that day traders would get absolutely recked within 5-7 trades? Am I supposed to have been paying taxes on crypto that’s never left Binance?

  7. Guinness2013


    Anyone looking at Travala ($AVA)?

    It’s a NEO DAPP for travel booking. You can pay for hotels with crypto, and normies can book travel with fiat (that gets converted to crypto without them knowing really). I like this project.

    -$0.15 right now

    -27,284,804 available supply

    -61,571,088 total supply

    -MC of only $4,350,616

    -working test net

    I bought a few $hundred worth.

  8. I can certainly feel the fear and desperation. I am a holder myself, although keeping small amount of fiat available to around 170-200B MC, which i am afraid will eventually bleed to in the coming months. I can certainly feel the fear in myself also (not yet desperate though, but can certainly feel it coming), which objectively looking at is a good thing in long term.

    It will come to an end and eventual slow and steady reversal of market sentiment into bullish territoy, hopefully. However most likely it will not happen yet.

    Remember guys, although everyone have their projects they support, in the end we are in this sector together. I personally feel that as i have endured through these 6 months of sketchy waters, i will certainly wont jump the ship now when we are almost half way through this storm.

  9. Necromunda


    Still bullish AF long-term, as this is blatantly market manipulation at this point, but frustrating to see that I’m at 1/2 of my initial investment right now when I was at 7x my initial investment at the beginning of January.

    Forever kicking myself for not tethering my holdings to scope out the market when I dropped from 7x to 5x at the beginning of the market crash. The only thing that held me back was the tax implications, sucks thinking how much I could have increased my stack.

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