Paid 1 satoshi to paint 1 pixel == lightning is awesome!


  1. vroomDotClub


    Can someone help me i tried to buy some pixels but it errors 206 .. fee limit percentage? what is the cli command to do this.. for example

    -cli pay lnbc770n1pdjp3m7pp5n3ja2fe8edfu0x8wdrn5jn7cftw90n5psc6v38y790r89xnqvymqdzq2pshjmt9de6zqen0wgsrwdeqwp5hsetvwvsxzapqwdshgmmndp5hxtnsd3skxefwxqzjccqpg87fs4fz376sxx559qwm5d2k96fg46hgn50kx4tpy36glzg5p7hsnv7w8zz95lh4r25qazm77s4ea84hm3wzndf06kkhhnrq52tdexqgq8nv4qg null null 3

    Can someone show me the syntax to pay this invoice such that I dont get the follwoing error?

    { “code” : 206, “message” : “Fee 1001 is 1.300000% of payment 77000; max fee requested is 0.500000%.”, “data” :
    “msatoshi”: 77000,
    “fee”: 1001,
    “feepercent”: 1.300000,
    “maxfeepercent”: 0.500000,
    “delay”: 36,
    “maxdelay”: 500,
    “getroute_tries”: 6,
    “sendpay_tries”: 0,
    “route”: [

  2. HelloImRich


    Someone must have written a script that circumvents the manual painting process. I don’t believe that someone repainted the Mona Lisa by hand onto the site.

  3. BashCo


    Stickying this thread for a bit since the website appears to be gaining some traction and is evolving rapidly. It provides a very simple testbed for potential Lightning Network use cases.

  4. busatlic


    Great idea but I see many issues here.

    1. One should not be able to draw over someone else’s pixels.
    2. When canvas gets filled, it will be hard to read anything.
    3. How do you manage overlaps when two people drawing in the same area at the same time?

  5. MassiveSwell


    Needs less of a dim factor when drawing. It could be much more subtle.

    Also a rectangle drawing tool would be great…just make it max out at like 10×10 so people don’t clobber the everything.

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