Senators Press Ajit Pai on DDOS Attack His Agency Made Up


  1. mudkripple


    This is incredible to me. In **2018** in the United States of America, an agency can be caught in a bold-faced lie that affects the entire country, and it’s **news** that other lawmakers even *ask* them about it.

  2. saichampa


    It would be so satisfying to see him end up in prison after that fucking video he made, and I’m not even American.

    Seriously guys, your country has been hijacked, good luck.

  3. madsmooth


    I am a proponent of net neutrality and was one of the commenters on the site that got ignored and I do not support Pai.

    From a technical perspective, if we exceeded the sites ability to function normally just from the amount of network requests and connections being made to add comments, that would actually in fact be a DDoS. The only difference is it was not malicious and the result in an inadequacy of the sites abilities to support it’s normal function.

  4. nofate301


    Are we seriously at a point where someone who holds an office can actively lie to the public and be caught in those lies and not have the actions done during that persons administration not be repealed undone?

  5. wickedogg


    Everybody is way too worried about net neutrality. I can promise you that when the impacts are felt, republicans will all explain to us about how Obama did it.

  6. This will go nowhere and is just a sideshow to keep the public appeased until some other political fuckery can steal our attention and we forget about this. The cycle then repeats ad infinitum.

  7. Riekopo


    Bureaucratic tyranny is a very real thing in this country. Our government has become completely entwined with corporate interests. The FCC, DEA, FDA, etc. They all lie all the time about all kinds of things. As we speak right now the Trump appointed corporate-owned head of the FDA is attempting to nationally/Federally criminalize kratom supplements through a dishonest/shady legal maneuver (because they failed to achieve their aim through the normal process of Congress).

    He (a single unelected Federal bureaucrat) will literally turn millions of American citizens into Federal criminals overnight. Most of them adults with chronic health conditions. A massive expansion of the Drug War/Prohibition. This is not a FREE COUNTRY.

  8. llahlahkje


    I can only hope that the statue of limitations on this fraud is longer than it takes to get the right number of Democrats in the House and Senate to go after these criminals.


    I long to send Ajit Pai a video called “All the things you can still do while in prison” while he’s serving a long sentence…

    (but I’m not optimistic, this is America after all)

    EDIT: Fraud: 3 years D.C. Code § 12-301(8) (2016) … looks like 2018 is our only hope for getting this smug asshole on this particular instance of fraud.

  9. Synthwoven


    Pai is the reason for the second amendment, right? I’m always being told that the right to bear arms is to prevent governmental tyrrany and this sure fits the definition. Lazy gun owners need to put their bullets where their mouth is. (Whoa, that doesn’t sound quite like what I mean)

  10. F4il3d


    Is it possible as registered voters who wrote comments in support on net neutrality and whose efforts were rendered null and void by Ajit Pai’s DOS fabrications, to mount a class action law suit?

  11. sgt_bad_phart


    “Mr. Pai, my loose moral compass tells me you’re a raging piece of shit, but the piles of cash being funneled into my bank account by ISPs tells me I’m wrong, carry on”

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