Senators Wyden and Schatz Wants To Know Why The FCC Made Up A DDOS Attack


  1. _rightClick_


    Senators Wyden and Schatz Wants To ~~Know Why The FCC Made Up A DDOS Attack~~ put on a political grandstanding show to get their name in the news, but can’t be bothered to doing anything that would actually come close to having Pai and the others face any consequences for their actions.

  2. Darktidemage


    Also – why they stole tons of dead americans identities to post fake comments.

    or were complicit in it and knew it was happening but did not sound any alarms

  3. sirphreaksalot


    Seriously? This has to all be staged at this point. There is no fucking way a freaking country full of people has written, called, and generally raised absolute hell for this long and these guys not know why the fuck a DDoS was staged. At this point the people we thought had our back are just concern trolling.

    No wonder it’s always just a vote or two shy of anything actually getting done.

    Edit: yes, I know the R’s are always obstructing. The whole thing is a shit show at this point and I’m not entirely convinced a few of the D’s aren’t in on it as well if they’re asking something like this.

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