The AT&T-Time Warner Merger and the End of Net Neutrality Are a Nightmare Combination for Consumers


  1. jizzm_wasted


    Just know, that.. unlike free markets, these telecom have been able to monopolize and most importantly push laws to control data speed (which tax payer subsidized high-speed network) to counter from new technology which should allow for faster speeds. Data caps also was achieved, something that we didnt use to have and never should have had.

    And the goal? AT&T needs to continue to take ~$150 (or w/e % income that is in 2018 dollars) per household for the enforceable eternity.

  2. joeyoungblood


    This is a vertical merger, not a horizontal one. AT&T purchased Time Warner the entertainment company that owns CNN, HBO, Adult Swim, DC Comics, Warner Bros, etc..

    This now gives AT&T their own content portfolio and places them on the same playing field as Comcast (which owns NBC and Universal) and Verizon (which owns Tech Crunch, Engadget, The Huffington Post, etc..)

    The content AT&T purchased includes some full or partial ownership of your favorite media brands like HBO, DC Comics, CNN, Rooster Teeth, Crunchyroll, The CW, and Cartoon Network.

    Other ISPs that own content or content owners that are building ISPs are: Google, Facebook, and T-Mobile. All of them are likely to begin building more and I anticipate Netflix will be acquired for a major sum of money in the very near future by one of them or a new player such as Cox.

    I track these companies and place them in order of their threat to Net Neutrality. AT&T has been my top threat for 7 months now:

  3. gordon90000


    So if you now want to watch GoT you are as a consumer are a loser no matter what you do.

    * 1) If you watch it on any other stremaing service ATT charges the other streaming service provider exhorbitant amounts which may get passed to you
    * 2)If you are thinking of an illegal stream ATT might start slow laning those and you might never get a good stream to watch.

  4. They probably had this planned a long time ago and was just waiting for the right moment. Shows how much they don’t give a fuck about their customers. I can see them now sitting in their chairs rubbing their nipples groaning over how badly they’re gonna screw us over.

  5. adrianjherman


    I always find this funny: monopoly is the ultimate outcome of market capitalism.its also the thing that business scream loudest about. They want complete deregulation and free markets except for this. It’s like guys on the police force talking shit about “commie unions”.

  6. sonicboomslang


    Guess I’ll have to start pirating more content when they price me out of “must have” content. I think starting tomorrow, I’m putting a $100/month cap on all my media consumption, including cable, broadband, Netflix, etc., and anything I can’t get for the packages I choose I will pirate.

  7. norcal4130


    Honestly, I would be glad if AT&T provided high speed internet in my neighborhood. Comcast has a monopoly in my area and my internet bill is too damn high.

  8. I hope this shit doesn’t happen in Canada. Good luck in November you guys. I’m really really rooting for you. Gotta get these awful people (Pai, Pruitt, Bolton etc) out and lose their corruptive power.

  9. Pickled_Ramaker


    I think we’ve missed the point here. I wish everybody was just as jazzed about voting for net neutrality as they are for government reform. The issue is not net neutrality. The issue is that the government represents corporate interests and to not its citizens!!!



    My only hope is that this administration lets it get so bad that the following one snaps back hard and makes internet access a basic human right and shuts these isp internet limiting activities down.

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