Word of advice for people browsing this sub.

This sub is a joke, no seriously this sub is legitimately bipolar on sentiment and flips on a dime. Here’s a reminder for y’all lurkers here or a wake up call for people who actually take the time of day to shitpost:

  1. Nobody who’s even close to being a big player or is knowledgeable about the market is wasting their time on fucking r/cryptocurrency

  2. Most “advice” you get on here is from hodlboys or plain shills trying to jerk their own dicks by echoing the same copy paste moon statements. By the occasional mercy of god there’s a post that makes life worth living but those are usually rare. This post is also not one of them.

  3. No you won’t get rich hodling a mass shilled top 100 coin for a week, a month, maybe a year. Jesus Christ if it took early bitcoin miners years to go from a couple hundred to almost 20k you won’t make it with a short term focus.

  4. Putting a couple hundred or thousand dollars does not make you an “investor” or at all knowledgeable about blockchain. Losing your money sucks learn from mistakes instead of dragging others down.

  5. Comments that say “3k next it’s over boys” with 30 upvotes does NOT legitimize that claim, assume it’s 31 idiots sharing a herd mentality with no basis for their arbitrary prediction.

  6. Anything that has to do with price on r/cryptocurrency should not be taken as financial advice. Nobody on this sub actually know which way the markets will turn, TA works in very niche circumstances and cannot predict movements based around obvious facts or fundamental trends.

That’s all I have to say for now, my fingers are tired. I’ve been in the space for some years now and this sub is a place I frequent despite all the cancerous shit I see daily. The memes are fucking comedy gold and I will always love you guys for being here with me.

TL;DR do your own fucking research and don’t listen to anyone announcing the direction this market is heading.

EDIT: Some people apparently are not seeing the point of this post or get some kind of joy mocking if. Allow me to make some things clear:

No I’m not angry or have any personal salt nor am I projecting my expectations of what this sub SHOULD be but rather I’m only letting people know what this sub IS at the moment and what to be wary for. I was once new to the space and foolishly trusted the advice stemming from fickle sentiments and made mistakes doing so. All I hope to achieve with this post is for people to realize that this is not the place for accurate predictions regarding market movement and to be careful, That’s all.

EDIT 2: Thanks for gold. It is currently too difficult to respond to the sheer volume of comments thus I am unable to answer every new question that gets posted, sorry.

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  1. DavidScubadiver


    A lot of you have been sending me private messages wanting to know about how to join the banano discord so you can pick up some free banano coins. So, I thought I would post the link here.

    [Banano Discord](https://chat.banano.co.in/)

    You can learn more about the is fast, free, feeless and fun cryptocurrency over at r/bananocoin. No crypto is perfect, but there is one that helps distract you from the markets when you most need distracting, and that is banano.

  2. mlk960


    This place is basically an ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ version of what a cryptocurrency sub should look like. A slow burning dumpster fire.

  3. Trasfixion


    I swing by here every so often, but this sub is nothing what it used to be. Tons of children “investing” in low quality garbage and attacking projects that are actually achieving something, all because one coin is hyped more than the other. You have a group of people who don’t care about what the projects are achieving, just how much money they’ll make off their shitcoin. I stick to select coins subreddits, which are more mature, and steer clear of here for the most part, except the rare occasion

  4. Do you share my sentiment that the markets will not be running anytime soon and that it will take regulations and broad KYC acceptance alongside institutional investments before we see another large increase in the crypto market?

    I am not sure why people do not see this.

  5. PotatoKing21


    >Putting a couple hundred or thousand dollars does not make you an “investor”

    This is false actually. The definition of “investor” is “a person or organization that puts money into financial schemes, property, etc. with the expectation of achieving a profit.”

    Since I am a person that has put money into a financial scheme, with the expectation that I will eventually see a profit, then I am, by definition, an investor, and so is literally every single person who owns any crypto.

    Besides that one thing, good post.

  6. nzalog


    Yeah I kind of wish no one knew I was in crypto. I can avoid shitposts but it’s different when they are messaged to you or when people constantly talk to you about crypto.
    It goes:

    Hearing this kind of stuff just numbs me when it’s repeated over and over.

  7. TheGreatMacsby


    Well said. It’s declined rapidly since November and most of the legit posters moved on. Good for a one stop shop for news and some community projects are great. Even 99% of the memes of reused.

  8. Queefybeefeater


    I personally only come for the memes and shills, which is every single post i have ever clicked on in this sub basically.

    You would have to be mentally ill to take financial advice from anyone on reddit.

  9. lpez33


    Ok, so if this sub is just for laughs then what outlet do you use for the serious side of it? This is a genuine question btw. I’d really like to diversify my sources.

  10. Riful


    This place was better with the memes, now it’s a bunch of people holding portfolios under $1000 and hoping it “moons.” Also – don’t forget to buy the dip.

  11. Xian77


    I personally find the sub quite valuable. I usually start here in my daily reading and find a number of interesting articles. Some are obviously shill posts, others are of general industry news, but they all (well, many) contribute to a broader spectrum of knowledge and are a part of the research needed to make informed decisions. One guy saying this coin or that will make me wealthy is certainly taken with a grain of salt, but even a shill post can be informative, or at least entertaining.

  12. privied_youth


    Now let me present you five reasons why I will continue to HODL megamoonshitcoin

    1) partnerships – they have some. This is important because these partnerships are with real businesses that do real things, just like megamoonshitcoin will

    2) uber was once a million dollar idea, now it’s $100b. If you buy one megamoonshitcoin today at the low price of $3.49, it could easily outpass bitcoin by next week.

    3) bitcoin sucks. I don’t understand why people like bitcoin. Also, TA doesn’t work. I watched this video on YouTube and the guy said bitcoin would hit 30k by tomorrow. He drew some lines and claimed he makes money. It doesn’t work.

    4) megamoonshitcoin – has a great/ the best reddit community. There are so many believers. The fact you aren’t one shows you don’t know anything about how revolutionary tokenizing everything will be

    5) don’t believe me DYOR or FOMO. Megamoonshitcoin is a POW, POS, POT, POX, aDAP and system of evidential prudence coin all in one.

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