All Americans here should be submitting comments to the SEC about the CBOE Bitcoin ETF – it’s your right as a citizen


  1. WeebHutJr


    Did this a few hours ago. Some of the comments are so immature and will probably do more harm in their consideration than good. For the love of god, don’t state that you’re hoping the ETF will pump your bags to obtain financial freedom.

  2. ma0za


    did you read the posted comments? half of them are moonboys crying for a price rise. those comments will probably be the reason the etf is denied

  3. Kpenney


    Here’s a slightly off topic question; How do people in this community feel about the idea of having crypto ETF’s where individuals don’t need to buy coins specifically to have an impact on the price? I’m trying to picture how this would all work, what it would do to the market, how it could be abused(could it be abused like that accusations against the Futures market manipulating price?). It’s also semi counter productive to the idea of cryptocurrencies in the sense again it seems like you won’t own the token- or can you?

    I’m still reading into this so I’m mostly asking to feel out what one another’s sentiment are about it.

  4. Dredly


    AHAHAHA… yeah the SEC gives even the slightest fuck about what anyone that isn’t wallstreet or a bank has to say.

    Worked great with the FEC as well.

    I guarantee this is already written and approved, they just need to wait 90 days to implement it

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