Internet to remain free and fair in India: Govt approves Net Neutrality


  1. Chrik3


    In all honestly this is just the best decision for their country going forward and the many generations that will benefit from accessible knowledge.

  2. Affable


    1.3 billion people with strong internet freedom protection! Great news!

    How can their progress influence the US and other countries?

    EDIT: Way off on population.

  3. Appy_Fizzy


    “Everybody in the meeting today said that digital infrastructure is even more important than physical infrastructure for India… CEO of Niti Ayog (Amitabh Kant) said that for…districts, we must ensure digital infrastructure is provided at the earliest. Therefore, India must have ease of doing business and enabling policy environment,” she said.

    An official, who was part of the meeting, said that the TC has approved installation of around 12.5 lakh WiFi hotspot in all gram panchayats with viability gap funding of around ₹6,000 crore by December 2018.

  4. kevtree


    great now /r/americanfacebook is going to become a thing just like /r/indianpeoplefacebook was

    they were the new ones with the interesting style to the internet… now they’re going to be the only ones not fucked over by our telecom overlords, and they’re going to giggle at our grovelling and whining and make memes out of it

  5. Kudos to all the volunteers who fought for this and to you people all over the world who pointed out the importance of net neutrality again and again and again. We are lucky that we were not too late.

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