The FCC wants to charge you $225 to review your complaints


  1. Has anybody just stopped to think “what could we all do?” I’m not trying to get on a soapbox or anything, but we all just did the thanos thing….what would happen if everybody got on board a real issue like this instead of an internet meme?

  2. hangry_lady


    I complained to my internet provider several times about speeds consistently well below what I was paying for and they told me there wasn’t a problem that they could see. Sick of not being able to run my business from home without a decent internet connection I decided to file a complaint with the FCC with proof of the problem. I’ve never seen a company jump to fix a problem so quickly before. I had two technicians at my house a few days later inspecting everything about my connection and they discovered that the line running from a telephone pole into my house was almost completely destroyed. They replaced the line, set me up with a top of the line modem/router and the problem was solved.

    I live in a rural area with really only one viable option for a internet provider and making a living is contingent upon having a good internet connection. This whole experience was the first time I have felt like the government actually cared about the interest of people over industry. So the government is now only going to consider protecting its people if they shill out some money first?

    EDIT- the company was required to address my issue within a 30 day period or face a fine.

  3. drdessertlover


    What can we realistically do to get these pricks out of the FCC? Voting to get representatives, sure. But is there a public backed motion or something we can file to kick start proceedings against such blatant anti-consumerism?

  4. elvenrunelord


    Pretty sure some judge will invalidate this.

    The whole purpose of a consumer oversight government agency is to accept consumer complaints and deal with them accordingly.

    Why in the hell should consumers pay for their government to do its job?

    Honestly, this is crap that causes people to think of revolution and sedition.

  5. BuildTheRobots


    The FCC is corrupt. Not only do they lie about truth, they’ve created tonnes of fake “evidence” and perpetuated identity fraud.

    We know this, congress is investigating this. The fact this is allowed to continue is mind boggling, but the fact people are surprised by the FCCs continuing actions is mind boggling too.

    The FCC sold out individuals to the profits of big business with net neutrality. It would be odd, confusing and inconsistent if they didn’t _continue_ to do that!

  6. silentprophet


    European countries receive high speed internet for a fraction of the cost of the US providers, and now the US government regulatory body wants consumers to pay fees (on top of taxes) to do it’s job.

    Yo, this is a shithole country, y’all.

  7. arrogantsob


    Oh god. AT&T made an offer which we agreed to by telephone, then didn’t enter the right information in so we were either getting subpar service or charged an extra $40/month, and we spent five freaking months and at least a dozen calls trying to get it sorted out, speaking to supervisors, the cancellation department, the works.

    One letter to the FCC and it was completely solved. FCC didn’t even have to get involved. AT&T just had a deadline in which to respond, and they spent the time fixing the problem so they could submit a letter saying it was done. No one at the FCC had to lift a finger but it was the only thing that worked.

    It will be really terrible to lose that kind of leverage.

  8. SaladAndEggs


    >The fee for a formal complaint isn’t new, but under these rules, it’s the only option to get your opinion to the FCC’s staff.

    Anyone know the other, free options currently?

  9. pirate_door91


    Is there a way we can recreate that old Pawnee tradition from Parks and Rec and have it take place on March 14th where we all just take Ajit and throw him in a lake in accordance with Pai Day?

  10. TechyDad


    So basically a company could put a <$225 fee on your account, refuse to refund it, and your only options would be to pay the fee or pay more to the FCC to challenge it.

    No, this won’t be abused at all!

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