Whistleblowers claim Cox Communications sales reps created fake customer accounts


  1. Miapop2000


    I called cox to setup internet. The sales rep went on a completely different tangent talking about God and how the wheel was invented or whatever. I dunno what the fuck was going on, but I asked to speak to their supervisor and for his name saying I’m not here to talk about Jesus and God or when the wheel was invented. He freaked out and hung up. I called back and got an extra amount off on their service with someone who felt sorry for me. Just weirded me out! Haha

  2. CajuNerd


    I don’t envy sales reps for media companies, I really don’t. They have a tough job working for commission. However, their whole system is horseshit.

    A few years ago I called Cox to cancel landline phone service with them, since we never actually used it and only had it for emergencies when my wife was pregnant. The only services we had were internet and that phone line. The sales rep kept me on the phone for over 30 minutes, plus the 20 or so minutes I stayed on hold just to get a rep, trying to not only ***not*** cancel my phone service, but then upsell me cable TV service. We’ve “cut the cord” almost 10 years ago, and have no desire to get cable again. Every time I’d tell her I wasn’t interested, she’d reply with something along the lines of “well, let’s see what we can do”, and then proceed to offer me something else. How about “let’s see about giving you the service you asked for”?

    From that point, I swore that once a better broadband service was supported in my area, I’d dump Cox like a hot rock. I’m about to call AT&T because they offer Gb fiber to my neighborhood now, and so far my neighbors have been happy with them. I’m sure it’s just trading one set of horseshit for another, but I abhor Cox.

  3. sabrd


    Cox puts unrealistic expectations on their reps. Even the technical support teams had to hit a certain sales goal per month, WHILE THE CUSTOMER’S SERVICES WEREN’T WORKING. You know how hard that is? “Oh, looks like your cable is out, but would you like Internet, even though you’re already having a bad experience with our current services?”. It was vicious.

  4. phragmatic


    I knew a guy in a Cox call center who did retention. You call to cancel, they sweeten the deal until you either comply and keep or deny and leave.

    This guy… the balls on this guy… he knew he was leaving in December, so he set literally every single one of the people who canceled on him to cancel on *December 1st*, knowing full well the bonuses were calculated on the end of month stats for how many customers you retained.

    The November stats looked something like only 3 customers actually managed to cancel on him, when in reality, ALL of them canceled on him. He only really turned off the dicks in November is what he told me.

    He got a new job, landed a sweet gig in energy doing IT support, made a dank $1500 bonus real quick, got written up on the 1st of December, having already accepted a new job and his check came through the next paycheck, two weeks later. Then, when he knew it cleared, it was the weekend before his new gig, he shows up, takes like four calls, gets up and just peace’d out while someone was on his line.

    Dude was a baller.

    So this story doesn’t surprise me. They don’t pay these people well, they have a shitty job and they have zero control over what people want to consume for their media versus what they are even willing to pay for, so yea – I’d wager this isn’t limited to Cox.

  5. I trained for Centurylink for a bit, but didn’t make the cut because they do the same shit and it’s the only way they’ll let you survive as a sales agent at that fucking place. I remember the top sales guy coming out on break bragging about how he convinced a BLIND WOMAN to order a bunch of shitty TV services he knew she didn’t need. I knew that was just the tip of the iceberg, and sure enough I hear from another agent EVERYBODY was shady as hell just like Mr. Top Sales Guy.

  6. pixl_graphix


    Cox bought out the company I was working for, quite a long time ago now. Wow, they are bastards. Was in support and they pretty much attempted to change us to a sales office.

    You pretty much couldn’t get fired for providing bad support. You know what you would get replaced for? Not meeting sales targets. You have to upsale at least a few calls a day, you know what


    Customers want their service to work. They don’t want to be sold more shit that doesn’t work. While I’m not sure about what this particular sales person did, it is very likely that many people there are pulling a “Well’s Fargo” just to keep their jobs. The company sets up these situations where ethics of simply keeping ones job become misaligned, and the company takes the profit all the way to the bank. This is not a ‘one bad employee’ situation. This is company policy.

    >Wilkinson, a former sales rep, claims to have notified her bosses at Cox but says nothing changed.

    Complicit in fraud.

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