Apple Is Deleting Bought Films From ITunes Accounts – And Don’t Expect A Refund


  1. W_a_b_i_S_a_b_i


    This is why I don’t buy e-books or digital copies of movies. You aren’t buying the actual item; you’re just buying a license to access it. Total rip off. I’ll stick to my “analog” media, thank you very much.

  2. fauxscot


    Forbes will pump anti-Apple material whenever and wherever it gets a chance to do it.

    While the topic in question is legitimate, and understandably of concern to content consumers, Forbes seems to have a consistent bias compared to other outlets of Apple news, generally.

    As to the topic at hand, I’m sure it’s addressed somewhere, and a real irritation. Does anyone know how this is dealt with in other vendor shops that sell digital content?

    I’m seriously asking, as I never buy stuff. I rent and watch once. There seems to be simply tooooooo much stuff to watch, and content files are kind of huge.

    I’ve long ago tossed 100% of my audio CDs and never owned that many DVDs. Personal preference, of course, but wondering… how is this dealt with in the Android world, specifically?

  3. NorthernDen


    I have always bought my media when ever possible. (Steam/ios is the exception) I have many people mention why don’t I just buy it on itunes since I have the ios eco-system everywhere in my house.
    I don’t buy it on a streaming service, as I still want to own it in the event the service decides having my movie is not cost effective.

    My bigger concern is you buy your whole movie collection, and then they start to charge you a storage fee, so now you not only have bought the movie but need to pay a price to watch it. It may be a cost of ads or something else, but I predict that you won’t be able to buy any media within 15 years.

    I realize the convenience of having the ability to stream my media anywhere, but in 15 years I will still have my disks.

  4. Bubzthetroll


    This kind of crap would go away if the film and tv studios would just cut out the middlemen and set up and maintain their own permanent online film archives. Then they could get 100% of the monthly fees that people are already paying to Netflix, Apple, Microsoft, etc. and no consumers would be under the illusion that they own these movies nor would they have to worry that their favorite film was no longer available because a license agreement ran out.

  5. scuzzlebutt07


    Why do we let megacorporations do this shit and then sit idly by when they pay our politicians to let them break the law? When are people going to realize it’s never going to be enough for the stupid animals sick in the head enough to fuck enough people over in a quest to make all the money in the world? We give evil people power, act shocked when they do evil things, then just shrug and go oh well that’s the way it is when they get off Scott fucking free. People like Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, the Walton family, Strauss Zelnick, Blake Jorgensen are cancer to the industries and businesses they infect. The businesses run poorly, treat their employees like shit, and provide more and more inferior service. Why is that ok? Why do we think bad people deserve to stay rich?

  6. happyscrappy


    There’s no info in this article about the movies disappearing. Give us some details. Which movies? Give some people’s names. Some info at all. It’s very non-specific.

    Also, re: the issue of upgrades to 4K, the article says this:

    ‘This doesn’t seem to explain all of the 4K to HD switches, though. It seems that some are down to Apple’s original policy of offering free HD to 4K upgrades of films no longer applying to titles bought in HD outside of iTunes.’

    That’s not true. Apple never stated that their policy was that you get 4K upgrades for everything. Go back and watch the announcement.

    Go here:

    Go to the September 2017 announcement and at 45:30, watch Eddy Cue say: ‘and, if **you bought one of those movies in HD from iTunes** we’re going to automatically upgrade them to 4K HDR at no additional charge’. It was clear to me at the time that Eddy was being very careful with his words.

    Apple never said that any movie you bought elsewhere would be upgraded. This has hit me a lot, because I got a lot of my movies via codes that came with Blu-rays and such. So sorry you aren’t getting your upgrades (and I’m bummed I’m not either), but Apple this was always Apple’s policy.

  7. Ancillas


    I’ve long thought that we need stronger protections for the purchases of digital goods. I could instantly lose my entire library of games or movies and have no legal recourse. That’s unacceptable.

    I had a representative that would have fought for this kind of thing but I lost them. It seems that nobody else cares.

    I love streaming services, but when I opt to purchase a film at full price, I expect that I will have that forever as long as I have a device capable of playing it.

    Right now the only consumer protection is to make local archives of purchased movies and television.

  8. w1n5t0nM1k3y


    This is why I never under why anybody would “buy” digital files that were encrypted. I’m ok with paying subscription fees for things like spotify and Netflix, but I’m not trusting that anything I buy on a digital service like iTunes will still be available to watch 5 or more years down the line.

  9. factbased


    Apple has Buy and Rent options. Those are clearly understood English words, and no amount of fine print should allow them to steal something back after selling it. Call the options long term (with a minimum term) and short term rentals.

  10. Ashleysdad123


    >The Canadian user suffering this issue was pointed to this page of Apple legalese in the response where he was told that he wasn’t entitled to compensation for his lost purchases.

    It isn’t “lost” if the company steals it. Wtf?

  11. “The Canadian user suffering this issue was pointed to this page of Apple legalese in the response where he was told that he wasn’t entitled to compensation for his lost purchases.”

    Fuck lawyers, and fuck giant corporations.

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