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  1. sloanpal144


    So if Trump doubles down on his nonsensical trade war with China and the rest of the world, wouldn’t that theoretically lead to more money invested into crypto by creating a bear market for stocks?

  2. trixyd


    I never expected to see the day that ETH was the worst performing alt in my portfolio.

    Hmm time to buy some more I think. Not sure it will go much lower, and by that I mean I hope it doesn’t go much lower than about 150.

  3. flint16


    what are everyone’s thoughts on TRF and BAX

    both seem to have seriously solid projects but have gained little traction and have been completely smashed in the last few months?

  4. sloanpal144


    Anyone want to help me get to the bottom of what’s going on with XRP? Everyday I hear nothing but hype and shilling for it. News articles that predict XRP at $56 when xrapid is released by eoy if ripple takes 10% of swift’s business. And yet XRP either keeps dipping or hardly budging at 0.27c. I find it hard to believe that banks are going to rely on any form of highly fluctuating currency such as xrp.

  5. Mitchings


    Definitely worth checking your crypto against FIAT and against BTC/ETH.

    I’ve been cost averaging down constantly and I’m only down 37% in SATS/GWEI but 64% in FIAT.

    While I’m still incredibly confident in the mid-long term, there are of course no guarantees but BTC and/or ETH likely won’t even need to double in FIAT value for you to regain a good position, assuming you’ve been cost averaging down.

  6. Coffee_Prophet


    When people started calling for 3K BTC, was that at all based on Bitcoins dominance which was around 35-40%? Now that it’s dominance is much higher (nearly 60% now) would it then be safe to assume that Bitcoins bottom could be higher than 3K?

    Furthermore, the crypto market cap has reached levels it was at in early November, just catching the beginning of the insane part of the bull run. Bitcoin was over 7K at that time.

    There is also about 600 000 more Bitcoin in circulation now which has aided in bringing down the price.

    So all in all, what I’m trying to say, is that when you look at a chart for TA, are technicalities like I’ve said above supposed to be taken into consideration? Are they ever taken into consideration? I would love to hear from an experienced trader on these thoughts.

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