I did a lecture for Barclays developers today and this is what they gave me as my speaker fee. Classy.


  1. racebum


    Has anyone else given thought to the fact they had that card printed up? Hmm.

    Kind of hard to believe this is the first time they have done that. Like investing the time and creating the card and the graphics if it was only a one time use

  2. ITT: a whole bunch of dingbats worried about security on a ~$220 gift. Seriously folks, if your buttholes are this tight about security for a temporary storage of such a small amount then bitcoin is never gonna take off. It’s no different than giving someone a gift card. Sure someone could copy the info off a gift card and manually enter it into a POS terminal at the store it’s intended for. Sure someone could have physically compromised the gift card and used it before it was handed off to the recipient. Barclays isn’t putting OPs major payment on this thing and OPs not using it to store his life savings. Seems like some of you expect Barclays to buy a 3D printer to make this thing and smash it before having it connected to a network to prevent a compromise. Chill the eff out. It’s more of a gag gift than a Wallet.

  3. jy8kTX9u


    The address on this card had never held bitcoin.

    Private key:


    Bitcoin address:


  4. BigJim05


    I hope Barclay’s knows to hide these carefully, from any cameras, etc.

    Also, I wonder what would happen if one of the pixels rubbed off or something.

    This does not instill 100% confidence for me.

  5. cm9kZW8K


    Raw, unencrypted wallets like this seem very difficult to use in a practical manner.

    A single glance or photo before its funded and swept can compromise it. Data leftover on any computer, printer, or other device can compromise it.

    Also, not all wallets will find the deposited funds, so it can be tricky to use these right…. the main upside is that they are fun.

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