It’s time for a four-day work week, argues labour expert – Thanks to technological advancements, a four-day working week is easily in reach


  1. Noiprox


    There are plenty of companies in Europe that value work/life balance and are happy to grant employees 4 day work weeks and generous amounts of vacation time. What we need is a different culture. Maybe there is more to life than the grind. Besides, productivity in the long run does not reduce to number of hours worked. A confident, happy employee can often create more real business value in an hour than a desperately poor, unhappy employee can. Remember the economy is supposed to be here to serve humans not the other way around.

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  3. bjornsnoen


    Fuck that noise, give me a six hour work day instead!
    We were supposed to have a third of the day for work, a third for sleep, and a third for fucking around doing whatever, but now we spend hours on commutes to our jobs, slashing our fucking-around budget.
    Six hour work day gives us back our free time and makes our working days way more tolerable than extending the weekend would.

  4. Jakes9070


    My biggest issue against a 4 day weekday is that your employer will absolutely decrease your monthly pay, whether you work on hourly pay, of salaried, your working weekday is now 20% shorter, thus you’ll be paid 20% less. I’d prefer to rather work the 5 days, and get paid for the 5 days.

  5. TrollHunter_69


    Sheesh, so many pessimistic posts. Am I really that lucky to be working 4-10’s in IT? I figured this wasn’t the “norm”, but I also thought this was fairly common across the industry.

  6. omnigear


    I wish they would would make for interesting deadlines. My previous job yoi could do 40 hours at any point in th week ans not come in Friday or di jalf day Friday. Now I’m at another place where its mandatory 8 hour fridays .

    I think 6 hour work days with today tech is now feasible.

  7. bundt_chi


    What are you people smoking, I’m still struggling to keep my work week at just 5 days! Shit keeps creeping into the weekend or nights.

    There are still managers out there that think because you weren’t at your desk for 8 hours you didn’t get your work done. A 4 day work week just means to most managers that you don’t have enough work. How can you change that mentality as wrong as it is.

  8. SenorBeef


    Thanks to technological advancement we could probably do okay on a 2 or 3 day week. Fat chance it’ll happen.

    Those 8 guys who have the same amount of wealth as half the world need at least 2/3rds.

  9. People had to literally die for us to have weekends off. We’re not getting an extra day just because experts think it’s a good idea. Right now things seem to be going the opposite direction in America, more work for less pay. With multiple jobs becoming more and more the norm.

  10. UntamedRedBeard


    I work in IT and I can already see it now, we are only open Monday through Thursday can’t you just work on the computers on Friday? So now IT is working Monday through Thursday and through a three day weekend.

  11. TenTonApe


    I’ve stated working a 4/10 schedule. Having Wednesday off is SO FUCKING NICE. No more Mondays, I only have Thursdays and Fridays. Tomorrow I have to face the long, brutal slog of two days before I have a day off. If you have the option to work 4/10 I cannot recommend it enough, you will notice the couple extra hours but it’s not nearly as bad as you might think it’ll be.

  12. I’m a dental hygienist who works in a dentist office. It wouldn’t make sense for me to work less, especially considering the people want to come in on their day off. Well, not that they want to come in. More like they don’t want to have to miss work because of something like a dental appointment. You know what I mean. I think a four-day work week we kick ass. But it’s not applicable across the board.

  13. scatoclysm


    We *could* use the technological advances to give the current workforce a 4 day workweek…*or* the bean counters can use that advances to have fewer employees carrying a maximum workload for max profit.

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