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  1. Justinbrenda0


    I am glad to see honest information on the project. Despite all difficulties which have affected team it is clear that the project develops in the right direction. I wish You good luck and I follow news! #UbexAI

  2. afterthefuture


    DOGE is in top 20 by traded volume in last 24 hours – ~47million

    Can anyone explain what is so strong about this project? (“community” doesn’t count as an answer, I know that answer already, anything else positive?)

  3. gohkamikaze


    Having cashed my portfolio in June, I had a fit last week because I didn’t have enough money to buy back into ETH when the price dropped below $350 AUD. Definitely a blessing in disguise

    I jumped back on board a few nights ago when it hit $240. I’m ready to get hurt again

  4. fallenkeith1990


    btw, crypto really can’t go to zero just want to point that out (since I saw a bunch of comments that said zero), if anything we can probably see 50,000+ bitcoin in a few years

    never underestimate human greed lol

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