Sony Finally Admits It Doesn’t Own Bach and It Only Took Public Pressure


  1. stugots85


    I run into this issue in my dabbling with making youtube gaming videos.

    I wanted to use a certain old solo piano piece by a certain dead composer, but it isn’t on whatever fucking list you’re supposed to look at and you can only use like 15 seconds at a time.

    Here’s my way around it, if you have some musical and technological know-how.

    There are sites with user submitted midi files. This will only ever be this simple with solo piano. I found the piece; imported it into my daw and fed it to a virtual instrument grand. The nature of the piano is great for sampling, so by just adjusting some velocities and timing here and there and in this case, slowing down the tempo to something I preferred, I had my own original version in no time.

    Just a tip.

  2. Killboypowerhed


    Reminds me of when universal were throwing around lawsuits relating to king kong. It took them trying to sue Nintendo for it to come out that universal didn’t own king kong in any capacity

  3. Ichiorochi


    A lot of companies do this on the principal of “this works as long as it works” the moment where people actually calls attention to it and brings it to light that is when they realize that they have been caught with a hand in the cookie jar and correct their way…… until the next time

  4. gamageeknerd


    Sony is like a kid with ADHD but as a business.

    Sometimes they do increasingly awesome things and create and find new ways to innovate.

    Then they go and shit in the toilet tank and you’re all wondering why the hell did they just do that?

  5. Can we talk about how shitty these algorithms are?

    I mean, seriously, no insult intended to the people who have made them. It’s a frontier field with a lot of banging heads into concrete walls.

    But that’s just the thing… it’s a frontier field with a lot of banging heads into concrete walls.

    And it’s just… being implemented. On live systems that impact millions of peoples’ lives and livelihoods. Where staggering amounts of money is at stake.

    The irresponsible nature of it is staggering.

  6. This is the company that put CD rootkits in to their customers computers and had to order by the courts to remove them, then hide another rootkit in the uninstaller, retracted linux from the ps3, infect blu-ray standard with cinavia DRM, sued children for rooting devices, the list goes on for ever. They are anti-consumer scum that succeed through lies and deception.

  7. aquoad


    Sony is a particularly disgusting and amoral corporation, but the fact that they can usually get away with this stuff is a failure of the law and copyright system, imo. Failing any meaningful regulations on corporate behavior, the best we can hope for is more incidents like this coming to light and providing an endless stream of P.R. embarrassments for them.

  8. We’re doing something wrong when we’ve created a culture where a billion dollar company, composed of people who I assume to be smart enough to know better, can think they own the work of a person who died in the middle of the 18th century. Copyright should die with the person or people who make it, not the companies. Copyright law is no longer protecting the individual creator and promoting the creation of new art as it was intended.

  9. DankenSteinXXX


    Almost 300 years dead, died 200 years before the existence of Sony, but they claim it.

    I don’t think there is anything they give us that justifies the life of the 10 or 20 people running these fucking corporation that are raping us. And stealing from us. And killing us with pollution.

  10. DougLeary


    YouTube policy puts the burden of proving innocence on the poster instead of making complainants prove guilt. There’s one problem. The other problem is that there are no consequences for filing false complaints. Right-holding companies have no motivation to be careful.

  11. pyr666


    the problem is a lack of consequences on these corporations. they’re only this reckless with other people’s things because it can’t hurt them.

    if they’re going to create a faulty automated system, they should be made to automatically pay when they’re wrong.

  12. Em_Adespoton


    So… can someone create a public tool that you can use if you receive one of the takedown notices that will walk you through if you can file a counter-notice, and if so, what to put in it? And automatically contact the appropriate publicity people at the same time?

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