Almost half of US cellphone calls will be scams by next year, says report


  1. squidgod2000


    On Android, turn on Do Not Disturb, Priority Only and set it to only allow your contacts. You’ll only see/hear calls and texts from people on your Contacts list. Everything still goes through (and real people can—and maybe even will—leave a message), but your phone never rings, beeps, or lights up (optional).

  2. Scudstock


    Could we fund a government program to spoof numbers and call every single Chinese and Indian cell phone number literally non-stop until their government decides to crack down on these ********?

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  4. Gielach


    Car warranty and now back brace calls are constant. You try and talk to someone, they hang up as soon as you mention the spam calls. I get 5 calls a day + i get even more people calling me saying i called them!!! Im so sick of this BS.

  5. cmf444


    Of my last 10 incoming phone calls, 5 were scams. This has been the norm for me for like the last 6 months, it just sucks because I’ve been applying to a lot of jobs and sometimes every once in a while a phone call I get from a weird area code is actually the company wanting to talk to me. But at this point, I just don’t pick any up. If it’s a legit call from a job I don’t think them leaving a voicemail and me calling them back 5 minutes later is gonna be a deal breaker for the position.

  6. Morpho99


    At some point we need to probably change the way we handle phone numbers.

    My phone isn’t s phone anymore. It’s a computer and I use it more for apps than as an actual phone. The only people I text and call anymore are my older, immediate family. I chat with my gamer friends through discord and my foreign friends through line and my classmates through slack or email. Except for my immediate family and spam calls nobody calls me, I’ll call businesses and stuff, so I’m not saying we need to get rid of it, but do we really need to keep our phone numbers open to anyone by default? I’d rather have a username and account system that I can choose to share with people and companies who have permission to contact me and approve who is and is not allowed to contact me at certain times. And if I need to change my username because of spam calls, the people who I’ve already approved already have me in their contacts so I don’t have to spend the next week making sure everyone has my new number.

  7. Louis_Farizee


    I’m in sales. I absolutely must answer every phone call to my cell, just in case the weird phone number I don’t recognize is somebody just itching to give me a huge amount of business.

    There is no punishment too harsh for these scam callers. I hope someone cancels their favorite TV show midseason. I hope they accidentally like an old photo of their married crush on Instagram. I hope videos of them picking their noses in public go viral. I hope their phone chargers all go missing. I hope all their teeth fall out except one, so they can still get cavities. I hope their pets all run away to go live with their least favorite ex. May they always be stuck in line at the grocery store behind an old person trying to pay by check. May they never find good parking, but always see better spots just as they get too far for it to be worth it to walk back to their car. May their political candidates always lose, and may their favorite sports teams always make it to the playoffs only to lose at the final game, and may their most obnoxious relatives’ favorite sports teams and politicians always win. May all their childhood heroes turn out to be pedophiles and bigots and conspiracy theorists. May their favorite podcast be pulled from iTunes. May their data always be corrupted and their backups always go missing. May they buy bitcoin at its peak, and may the price always rebound after they sell.

  8. lilbro93


    I received 3 calls this morning. First was a automated, second was a call center, and the third was a wrong number. No one calls unexpectedly anymore, they’re all preceded by texts.

  9. tech_malone


    What I don’t understand if since the telcos need to know the originating phone number in order to properly route the call (and charge for land lines) why is it they won’t block spoofed numbers? Perhaps they like the kickbacks too much. More to that I have always answered my shop phone personally. Now that more than half the calls are robo-calls, I am considering a voice-menu system. My cell isn’t quite as bad yet but getting there. I am looking for something to ring my cell only when the call is from a contact.

  10. ******* “Card Services”. They call me all the time and I want to reach through my phone and choke them to death. They started with the random local numbers but are now using banks and credit card company numbers.

    Lately I’ve gotten a couple of extended warranty ones that I think were called “Warranty Services”. When I asked if they were like “Card Services” they hung up.

    **** this ****!!!!!!!

  11. GPFSir


    Based on my sample size n=1, 95% of calls are scam. My mom and wife are the only ones who call for real. I use Mr. Number and block my area code and exchange xxx-xxx.

  12. Kendermassacre


    If the government would actually do its ******* job and seize/freeze every bank account attached to these companies then we’d have some peace in this life. And I don’t want to hear any bullshit about the government not able to track these ******* down, the NSA has a detailed record of every time I mention “**** slap” on the phone so they have the means to track down those Nigerian Princes with phone spoofers.

  13. I want an app that, when I activate it on a ringing call, intercepts and answers the call, gets past any number spoofing, and directly and automatically bills the originator for time spent answering the call, or for playing some informative or instructional message (such as how to go **** yourself). When one month has passed without me telling the app that I’ve received payment, the app automatically refers the originating company to a collections agency.

  14. chookatee


    I like the app robokiller. It costs a few bucks a month (I get my work to pay for it) but I get the added bonus of being able to listen to the recording that the scammer has to listen to. They have all kinds but the latest one was a “guy in the hospital while his wife gives birth”. The recording strung my scammer along for 35 minutes before he realized he was getting trolled.

  15. AzureDrag0n1


    These spam calls are actually negatively affecting my life as they wake me up when I am sleeping since I work night shifts. It is not like I can turn off my phone as I might need to take an actually important call once in a blue moon. These spam calls are actually causing me physical harm.

  16. D1sc0nn3ct3d


    Mine pretty much are all scam calls. I must get 10 or so a day. Most I don’t even notice because the phone blocks them. But I’ve even been getting random scam texts now lately.

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