EdTech Conferences

What are your thoughts on EdTech Conferences?
Are they a waste or resources (time & money)?
Were any notable ones that inspired or changed the way you teach?

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  1. eldonhughes


    I’ve presented at and attended a dozen or so. (I stopped keeping the name badges and accumulated clutter after my first ISTE.
    Favorite? Podstock in Kansas. It’s small, intimate and attended, repeatedly, with bright, challenging minds.

    ISTE is okay if you’re coming with goals and a plan. (This year was WAY over sold. If you didn’t have a plan you spent hours on line with the chance of getting into the session AFTER the one you were standing in line for.)

    SXSWEdu is on my wish list, for next.

    ICE, in Chicago (in freakin’ February!!) is pretty good. Again, need a plan.

    In every case, even gathering a few new concepts and tools, the networking has been the biggest benefit. Very little out does the power of positive peer pressure. 🙂


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