Facebook Isn’t Sorry — It Just Wants Your Data – Facebook knows us well enough to know the truth: We don’t care enough about our privacy to stop using it.


  1. Dougasaurus1


    The truly scary part in all this to me is that they now have a ton of data that shows how people react to different levels of privacy invasion… they now have data that tells them how far they can push you before you push back.

  2. niggerocity


    Why should i care that they make money off my useless browsing data? So what they think they know what tf kinda ads i wanna see?, like im ever gonna click on one. Its a pretty dam good service for free, they gotta make money somehow, why does it matter that theyre making money off data that you didnt even know existed that doesnt affect you in any way? Shits like getting mad at a bum for picking up your litter for recycling. I mean come on, they give you a messaging service that can almost replace a regular phone line, they give you a marketplace where you can buy and sell anything that works much better and faster than previous alternatives like Craigslist, they give you unlimited file storage for all your pictures, videos, posts, memories, they bring you constant content to consume from whatever sources you choose, they have live news broadcasts during any big event, and they still serve their original purpose allowing you to keep in touch with every freind youve ever had, every person you ever meet if you want. I find all of that shit useful as fuck and i dont care at all what happens to any of my nonsense data that would otherwise just be taking up space on a server.

  3. BakoMan


    Our company went from using Yammer to Facebook’s Enterprise solution, @workspace. Yammer was great for asking the hive questions. It was under utilized, but effective for those that used it. However, @workspace, which looks exactly like Facebook seems great for publicly displaying your own efforts, brown nosing and public displays of “drinking the Kool-Aid”. Not very many questions. Extremely disappointed.

  4. manuealesc


    I really dont know how to stop. All my groups use the messenger, and orgs use facebook pages for posting important info. Not to mention all the buy / sell / housing pages I’ve needed.

  5. KevynJacobs


    Facebook kicked me off in 2014 “for violating community standards” (I never did find out what I posted that got me kicked off). Technically it was a 30-day suspension, but 30 days is more than long enough to break a habit. I had been a heavy fb user for 8 years.

    I’ve never gone back. Their loss.

  6. DataRapist


    That’s untrue Facebook has a “permanent deletion” function now which I’ve utilized for both my business and personal life. They schedule you out for 2 weeks to give addicts time to “come back” to reactivate their accounts, but not me. Today was the day, October 10th of 2018 that I cut all ties with Facebook and its subsidiary, Instagram. Profiles permanently gone, forever. In the past 2 years I cannot recall doing anything on either medium besides having drunk college kids/customers DM me on my business pages asking of I delivered booze at 3am. Hard pass on welcoming that back into my daily routine. All the people that are important enough to communicate with that are worth a damn are already in my phone. I feel bad for people who constantly update social media profiles with their day-to-day activities. They should be investing that time into fostering deep emotional relationships with their families and children. Reddit is the furthest I’ll dive back into social media. If there was a way to post on Reddit without a username I’d much prefer it.

  7. DoctorBadger101


    I had somewhat this exact same thought last night while pondering why anyone on Facebook would ever hit the like button on AT&T’s page which literally only serves as giving all their friends an ad for AT&T on their newsfeed. Obviously people don’t give a crap about what they do on FB if they’re willing to hit a like button for no other reason than to show off that they are with AT&T. How incredibly self absorbed.

  8. Kimomaru


    Well, “certain” people don’t care. But that group of people is huge, probably 80% of any given population. The remaining 20% left Facebook before the IPO or they think Facebook is for old people.

  9. Jorhiru


    God I wish people would wake up and prove Facebook wrong. I deleted mine earlier this year, and while I figured the impact on my life wouldn’t be all that negative – it was an even more immediately positive experience than I had expected. It’s a near-useless service in absolute real terms, and it’s attempting to establish an economy in which you give up most rights to privacy merely to participate, for veritably no real gain. As an interesting anecdote – I have never in all my life seen an advertisement for Facebook – not one. After I deleted the account, I began seeing them constantly on ~~both Netflix and~~ Hulu.


    E: Was wrong – it’s only Hulu that’s been surfacing these ads.

  10. AlienBloodMusic


    I care enough that I’ve stopped…but that doesn’t stop my friends and family from using it, and that’s good enough for them to get most of my data anyway.

    I might as well have not stopped 🙁

  11. dynozombie


    No one at work or any of my friends care. They go so what, I post what I want others to see no big deal. I am the only one without it and they think I am paranoid

  12. azurecyan


    Truth hurts like a bitch doesn’t it? I mean, not the best way to put it but people only seems to care about privacy when someone’s nudes get leaked on the web outside of that people do not give a shit about privacy.

    I absolutely loathe Facebook but they really put it as it is.

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