What is Education like in Uganda?


  1. paradynexus


    Had a few blackouts during my stay. Mobile service was still working even if there was no power so the base stations must have some backup power.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Aerothermal


    I volunteered in Uganda around 2012 – brings back memories. Indeed the school I visited looked just like this. I recall the chalkboard was chocked with equations, of note that they were using 22/7 as an approximation for pi without a calculator or any such equipment.

    The school I visited collected their water unfiltered straight out of a stream. Families have to pay to send their kids to school, yet their family are mostly farmers deciding between sending their kid for an education or having them prepare goods to bring to market. Oxfam provided a rainwater harvesting tank, only to have some vandals steal the brass tap, and slash the 20 tonne drum with a machete.

    If only we could deliver a projector, stable internet connection to these schools, then they could learn from the best educators around the world in MOOCs. Or even a few hundred dollars to provide calculators or stationary. But even the most basic necessities, such as water, electricity and writing equipment are often in short supply.

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