Creating an organization at my university focused on Emerging Technologies. Need some advice!

Hello, as the tittle says, myself and a group of peers are creating an organization within our University focused on introducing students to emerging technologies. Within the organization we will have 6 different departments that will, tentatively, intertwine in order to provide a platform for all university students looking to innovate and learn about the technologies changing our world while working with their colleagues that offer different perspectives. Our 6 subsidiaries are: Blockchain, FinTech, CogSci, IoT, Cyber Security, and lastly EdTech.

For the EdTech department we want to focus mostly on how to prepare the students to enter the workforce, and be effective and quick learners/adapters to all the different technologies that they'll be introduced to. However, we aren't quite sure how to approach the "curriculum" for the department. Any advice?

Thank you in advance!

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