New Verizon Ad Hopes To Make You Forget It Throttled Firefighters For No Reason


  1. f5nbandit


    Cell priority for first responders fails most of the time. That’s one of the things keeping public safety radio alive.

    I participated in the Hurricane Maria relief last year. The cell system down there was heavily damaged so the companies all banded together. On Puerto Rico Verizon served by a Mexican company, Claro. I submitted my teams phone numbers through another DHS component to a national contract rep at Verizon. Before we left my phone was pushed a special firmware update, so at least they were trying.

  2. EraserBed


    As someone that has a Verizon line for their phone, what can I do? Is canceling the service and switching to a different provider a proactive protest? Or is there other ways i can express my disagreement? I honestly would like to know.

  3. xxSYxx


    Reading the brief itself and it shows the email exchange page 93:

    Its really scary to read on a lot of levels.

    Fire Chief lacks authority to authorize a $2 a month plan increase

    Days go by with no resolution or attempts at resolution in email chain by the FD

    They scramble when the NEXT fire happens a month later

    They are dealing with an account exec with verizon and a quick google search shows a young kid who im just gonna guess has no authority.

    Verizon has plans for certain situations but yeah this is just a “battleship not turning on a dime” scenario probably not Verizon hand rubbing.

    Im guessing Verizon will create a specific plan for these mobile command centers

    And they havent before this, because they (the company that is a bureaucracy i cannot fathom) dont know they should, and the only guy who MAY know at Verizon looks like he just got the job after working at Enterprise for 2 years.


  4. LinuxCharms


    Unlimited should mean UNLIMITED. The very dictionary definition is:

    >”not limited or restricted in terms of number, quantity, or extent”

    Throttling without the customer giving consent or having prior knowledge of it, is grounds for sueing over false advertisement. Pretty sure a court is going to side with the firefighters on that one.

    It was dangerous and reckless that Verizon did this, and it’s just as dangerous and reckless to let them get off scott-free with it. Sadly, the odds are greater than not that nothing will happen to them as a result.

  5. AllPurple


    Does anyone else on Verizon have an older phone (i have a note 3, released 5ish years ago) and have poor reception? I’m convinced that Verizon is making my cell phone reception poor to try to get me to upgrade my phone or do away with my grandfathered unlimited data.

    I never had any problems with reception until maybe 6-12 months ago, now I constantly have zero bars. As soon as I reboot my phone, my reception is fine (or at least the icon is telling me I have 3-4 bars). Before anyone says that I should reboot my phone, I recently got a new one through insurance and the same shit started happening immediately.

    I live in a rural area and I know the closest tower isn’t owned by verizon, so I know that may be part of it. I just don’t get how I’m able to get a good connection when I reboot my phone.

  6. Potentially unpopular opinion: the fire department decided to pay for a plan that throttled above X amount. Sure, it would be cool if Verizon offered them unlimited unthrottled, but I also don’t see anyone complaining that BP doesn’t offer for departments free gas for their fire engines

  7. hircc


    IIRC they didn’t purposefully throttle them on the spot, it’s that they (dishonestly) publicized the plan that the fire fighters had as “unlimited” while it really was “unlimited for the first x GB then still free but throttled”. All these articles make it look like some evil CEO pressed on the button “throttle internet” with an evil laugh while watching the world burn.. the throttling wasn’t aimed at emergency services, it’s just what their plan is, though I agree that it’s very dishonest as a plan

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  9. skidmark-steve


    They didn’t throttle fire fighters for “no reason”. They did it “for money”. The oversight they made was that the move would earn them lots of negative PR, though probably no punishment whatsoever given how corrupt and one-sided this administration is.

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