Are schools able to pay using credit card for EdTech services?

To start with I hope it's ok that I ask a few questions from a vendor perspective, had a really hard time finding any info at all about this on the internet.

We are thinking of adding support for a self-service, pay by card onboarding to the EdTech SaaS I work for. Currently our distribution consists of sales calls, meetings and annual payments by invoice, which is the way to go in Sweden since schools don't pay by card here.

Is the school you work for able to pay for services by credit card? To what amount would you consider paying by card? And who controls the card at the school?

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  1. Piratesfan02


    I have a P card but it has a limit. When I registered for a conference, I submitted the payment and they sent a check. For larger orders, we have a PO that we use. When buying new tech like robots, I needed a PO.

  2. torrimac


    At my district, I have to have a quote for everything. Small purchase, under $500, can be paid for with cc or pay pal. Normally it’s a po though.

    My district is a rural small school, approximately 800 students.

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