Texas E-Voting Machines Switching Votes For Non-Nefarious But Still Stupid Reasons


  1. McAUTS


    Murica… please change your voting system, so every vote counts and is counted. What have you done to your democratic system?? We laughing here in Europe about that, that’s a joke!

  2. So it switches from Democrat to Republican on “accident” and it switches from Republican to No-vote on “accident”

    Sounds like one party is heavily favored in this “accident.”

  3. hatorad3


    How could someone selecting “vote the democratic ticket” ever result in a “vote for Ted Cruz”? Like there’s a Null value by default (otherwise it wouldn’t be a fair election), and when you select Democrat it would populate A and when you select Republican it would populate B. How the fuck would a “put A for all fields” input result in a B value anywhere on the ballot?

  4. lamepundit


    I voted in Collin County on Saturday. It took about 8 seconds for all the selections to load (for 6 pages of candidates) and I selected individuals rather than selecting an entire party (lots of unopposed Rs that didn’t need my vote). I was able to see my final selections before submitting. Looked fine to me. Hoping other people aren’t having serious issues voting.

  5. rook218


    > The Democratic Party is blaming the government for not doing more, which is a very Democratic Party thing to do. In this case, the Republicans are in control of the state and the Democratic Party has chosen to claim the Republicans don’t care enough about the problem. The state’s government has pointed out e-voting machines only need to comply with state laws, not actually be accurate and/or idiot-proof. It points to the voting machines’ certification — which last happened nearly a decade ago — as evidence that the bare minimum requirements have been met.

    What a weirdly aggressive paragraph.

    The democrats are being the pansies they are and claiming that something should be done about this. They’re claiming that the government (literally the body that organizes elections) should take this seriously. What a bunch of pansies! The more reasonable adults in state government pointed out that the laws on the books don’t require voting machines to be accurate so they won’t do anything about it. You can bet those pansy dems were triggered!

  6. louis-wu


    Obviously the voters are noticing the problem. Before finally submitting the votes, the user can review and change any errors. They seem to be seeing it and we can expect they would fix any errors before finalizing the selections.

  7. SERM416


    It seems to me that there is a lock on voting machine companies being owned, sold and operated and put out to then “lowest” bidder by the GOP. From the very inception of a state looking to rework their voting system and have It be fair it’s almost guaranteed to be against them as the gop has lied, stolen, cheated. Stacked courts, gerrymandered state houses and blocked legislation and now destroyed voter laws to suppress votes. Under this system, paper ballots that can be recounted is right now the only way one can be sure. We must undo the last 35 years of Newt Gingrich that has evolved into the Billionaires club that has left us so dangerously close to racism and a dictatorship by the most uneducated moron ever to step foot in the White House. G-d help us all.

  8. beelseboob


    The “non-nefarious” thing is bullshit. Sure, the actual bug might in theory be non-nefarious, but the arrangement of the ballot exploits the fact that the bug always switches votes in one particular way, so that every time the bug occurs it always switches a vote from Beto O’Rourke to Ted Cruz.

    I’m not saying that’s **definitely** been done nefariously, bet it absolutely could have been, and the explanation that it’s “just a bug” doesn’t rule out the possibility.

  9. Derperlicious


    it drive me nuts a bit how people dont understand, that if it was for nefarious reasons, you wouldnt fucking see it happen. Be upset and shit that these things break down, be concerned of nefarious crap but these flaws that people witness are just that.. flaws. A hack by its nature wouldnt be seen. Thats kinda the point why many of us are so against the machines. Is that people could change the vote and leave NO EVIDENCE. If nefarious people had to actually make the vote change in front of someone to cheat an election like its some sort of mechanical device and not digital.. that would be rather obvious and easier to prove. Its the fact they dont, that makes these things extra scary.

  10. I saw the system demonstrated on the news.

    When the user selected the “Republican ticket” which was the 1st selection, it would select the 1st selection in all the remaining other –sections except for the Senator selection, where it selected no one.

    But, when the user selected the “Democratic ticket”, which was the 2nd selection, it would select the 2nd selection in all the other sections — except for the Senator selection, where it selected the 1st candidate (the Republican).

    This seems to me a program error — specifically a case of assuming an array starts at 0 instead of 1. or vice-versa.

    How was it decided that the Republican candidate (for Senator, and all other positions) would be in the first position, followed by the Democrat candidate and then all other party candidates?

  11. cryptoz


    > Non-Nefarious

    Huh? This seems like [citation needed]. Is there *any* reason to believe that at all? It seems 100x more likely to me that the reasons are nefarious than not. Almost all reporting on this issue seems to state that the issue is a ‘bug’ and not working as designed. But they don’t cite any sources for this and the company that makes them is shady as hell. I think it’s **really** clear that the machines are broken in nefarious ways.

    If they weren’t all 100% replaced within an hour of this news breaking then it is clearly nefarious. Nobody who has decision making power over those machines wants them to be replaced because they are working as intended for the ruling class. If a single person did, then the machines would be replaced. Hence, proof that it is nefarious is simply that the broken machines are still being used.

    The reporters on this issue are giving them a) a free pass, b) good press in the media for no reason, and 3) supporting a totalitarian dictatorship by specifically telling the public “all good here, nobody is trying to ruin democracy you lunatic!”

    Uuuuhhhhh okay fuckers, fuck you.

  12. doctechnical


    > “The Hart eSlate machines are not malfunctioning, the problems being reported are a result of user error — usually voters hitting a button or using the selection wheel before the screen is finished rendering,” said Sam Taylor, spokesman for the office of Secretary of State Rolando Pablos, who was appointed by Republican Gov. Greg Abbott.

    If the machine allows a vote to be registered before the ballot is fully displayed I would consider that a **malfunction**. That’s bad coding, pure and simple, and it shouldn’t be difficult to remedy.

    Using computers to vote is an incredibly stupid idea. The punch-card ballot was a proven technology for *decades* before Al Gore got his panties in a twist about his election and precipitated this shit-fest of a “solution”.

    Technology is *not* always the answer.

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