Top automakers are developing technology that will allow cars and traffic lights to communicate and work together to ease congestion, cut emissions and increase safety


  1. kardiffkook


    Someone will hack this I guarantee it. I’m not saying like some stupid life hack bullshit, I mean someone will change lines of code for their own ends kind of hack.

  2. joepaulpavlin


    Oh boy, we can’t even tech secure anything we already have now my car can talk to the traffic signlas? Guess who is going to watch a YouTube tutorial to hack his car and ensure the light changes to green for me constantly?

    Seriously, this is a bad idea. It was a bad idea when Tokyo or Singapore, or some place started using a tech for traffic signals to tell certain cars how much time was left on the light. The car than displayed it to the driver. It is a great idea that provides no real benefit and allows for abuse.

  3. wjw75


    Where I live they use traffic light timings not to ease traffic flow, but to purposefully and actively “encourage other means of transport” – e.g. there’s a particular T junction where the traffic is routinely held at a red light in every direction for literally no reason, whether there are pedestrians around or not.

    Compounding this, they’re looking at adding technology to all the near-empty busses that lumber around the centre to give them priority at all traffic lights, turning everyone else’s red.

    So I can only see this technology being used to further the aims of the anti-car zealots that worm their way into the council offices.

  4. deleated


    A few years ago I’d driven to the supermarket and was on my way home, sitting at traffic lights at a crossroads. It was a dark and rainy evening. I was tired and slow to pull away when the lights went green.

    As my car started to move a coach drove straight through the junction on red at about 50mph. At the time I just thought how lucky I was that I hadn’t pulled straight out when the light went green, in which case the coach would certainly have killed me.

    But the more I look back on that moment the more I think the traffic lights should have been clever enough to detect a fast moving vehicle going straight through the red light. They could have made my lights remain on red. You could imagine a light system that tells you to stop or you’ll have an accident.

    Traffic light cameras are clever enough to issue you a ticket for going through on the red but they’re not clever enough to try and stop an avoidable accident.

  5. mwax321



    Just had to drive through Chicago, where traffic jams are caused by incorrectly timed green/red lights. Green light coming off a hwy exit ramp dumps into 100ft single lane road with a 5 minute red light. Can only fit 10 cars at a time. IS NOBODY ANALYZING TRAFFIC?!?

  6. funnysad


    Yes yes sir Lexus, right this way good sir… I SAID WAIT YOUR TURN FORD ESCORT! Dear me, I do apologise Lord BMW, the rabble are quiet distasteful today indeed.

  7. nopantsirl


    They say “work together to ease congestion, cut emmisions, and increase safety,” but all I hear is, “rich people will encounter shorter and fewer red lights.”

  8. Vaeon


    Added bonus? The government will always know *exactly* where your car is, and insurance companies can access the data so they know how much to overcharge you.

  9. Dragoniel


    It had better communicate with cyclists too, ffs. There already was a fiasco when someone decided to operate those lights with pressure plates that can not detect a bicycle.

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