1. Marc0w


    I loved this comment from the Prl sub ” I’m buying the dip. At this price it’s basically stealing. The institutional investors are just poking PRL to find the bottom. Don’t worry, Wall Street money is ready to flood the market. Don’t fall for the banksters market manipulation they’re just trying to FUD out the weak hands. ”

  2. captain-bitcoin


    [quote] We are also interested in obtaining any information that folks may have around Bruno’s potential identity. Despite working alongside him for the last 10 months, Bruno has always maintained his anonymity. After I took over the CEO role, Bruno’s activity within the project dropped off sharply. If you have any information on who Bruno may be or where these funds may be directed towards, please reach out to us via e-mail to discuss further. [/quote]

    Fucking lol…he planned this from the start.

  3. terryfrombronx


    Remember guys, you want to escape from the evil banks and stick it to the man, so run into the embrace of anonymous scammers and conmen. You want to be free of the big bad government – welcome to the jungle baby.

  4. dongpickle


    Wow. I was heavily invested in PRL back when it was over $1. Earned a lot due to the new team members announcement pump.

    I guess Bruno who still remains anonymous until today did end up being the scammer after all. He recently stepped down being the CEO.

  5. The most shilled coin on Reddit just exit scammed. Great. This is what happen when you combined hyped words like the Tangle with blockchain. Anon founder with a team of history majors lol. Didn’t expect much when they delayed their first testnet by a couple months.

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