FCC falsely claims community broadband an ‘ominous threat to the first amendment.’


  1. phpdevster


    I fucking want government officials that engage in this kind of blatant dishonesty, propaganda, and misleading bullshit to ***go to fucking prison*** for it. God damnit. A republic cannot function when government officials are not required by law to tell the god damned fucking truth.

    Fucking arrest these fucks and throw them in prison. Holy shit.

  2. ZenDendou



    Isn’t FCC suppose to ensure that there is fair competitions among the broadband?

    And FCC has forgotten ONE critical mention: Why haven’t the ISP already build the FRICKING FiOp and connected the rural areas already?????? They’ve received “government grant” from FCC already and was told to build the damn thing. At least NY state already done the right thing. I wonder how long before the individual wised up and realized that FCC is working against OUR odd by removing all barriers that was suppose to protect us.

  3. I’m laughing like crazy over here, but maybe I’m just an idiot. Can someone explain why and how a community broadband could be any sort of infringement upon our first amendment rights?

  4. trump (and republicans) – using the Nazi playbook:

    **“Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.”**—Adolf Hitler

    **Reminder** – Hillary Clinton testified for 11 hours before Congress about Benghazi.

  5. Nehalem25


    How the fuck is access to communication a threat to the first amendment?? Oh right, they are claiming that the government can somehow overrule the first amendment.. to the constitution.. the laws that the government has to follow.

  6. pinskia


    So the FCC right now is trying to get the right wing terriorists on their side by saying the community broadband will limit your (violent and hatefull) speech.

  7. CheetoMonkey


    Community broadband cements the 1st Amendment protections for online speech. Whatever a municipality does with their internet, it would have to be done in accordance with the constitution. Private ISP’s on the other hand don’t have that kind of constraint.

  8. Astroturfer


    I like how one of the ISP’s O’Rielly (falsely) claims is a free speech villain was the highest rated broadband provider in the country according to Consumer Reports:


    O’Reilly isn’t worried about free speech, he’s worried about communities taking things into their own hands and challenging terrible telecom monopolies, by proxy hurting their revenues.

  9. Chaoticimpact


    >”The closest O’Rielly gets to supporting evidence appears to be a 2015 white paper written by Professor Enrique Armijo for the ISP-funded Free State Foundation. ”

    Suprise, suprise. Big telecom trying to fuck over consumers and small telecom companies.

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