Solvers’ Motivation in Crowdsourcing Platform: Examining the Impacts of Reward Sensitivity, and Achievement Goals Factors

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The purpose of this study is investigation of direct influence of reward sensitivity (as represented by the theory - Behavioral Approach System) on motivational outcomes (measured through effort and intrinsic motivation) of crowdsourcing platform workers. Furthermore, this paper analyses the mediating role of Approach Achievement Goals in channeling 'initial energization' to motivational outcomes. A random sample of 320 workers was used in this study. The findings of this study showed that reward sensitivity was effective directly and indirectly, in positively predicting all motivational outcomes. Reward sensitivity positively predicted intrinsic motivation directly and indirectly through Other-approach goals. However, other-approach goals did not channel 'initial energization' from BAS to Effort. These results are important for crowdsourcing platforms, in order to better understanding the participants that undertake tasks and find efficient solutions for motivating workers. Targeting workers with higher reward sensitivity might be beneficial for platform owners, providing the way to increase workers motivational outcomes at no additional cost, thus facilitating better results.

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