Daily Discussion Megathread – January 3, 2019

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  1. SuperNewk


    Just went off at a customer at my job. Told them STOCKS ARE BURNING YOUR RETIREMENT IS DONE!!!!!!! Told them they will get laid off soon and if they don’t buy bitcoin they will suffer! FEELS GOOD watching stocks BURNNNNNNN

  2. park_injured


    BAKKT > ETF. ETF is an artificially hyped event. News outlet were told by their banking owners to hype it and hence why we think ETF is important now to us, but it’s really not.

  3. TotesMessenger


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  4. demandcollect


    Not seeing much discussion of the DX Exchange launching. Isn’t it a potentially major development for crypto?

    The ability to trade traditional stocks 24/7 could completely flip the markets on their head, and could kick off a tokenization boom.

  5. Kade6


    Hello all! Please offer any advice; I feel today will be a big one and I’m worried about my portfolio.

    I have 60% ETH and 40% BCH

    And advice? Sell ETH for more BTH?

    Many thanks

  6. goli74


    Share your opinion pls: Buy now or wait for another drop to 3600?
    Been holding myself back from buying, because of massive losses in 2018.

    Edit: Not a crypto newbie as indicated in the flair. Been in the game since september 2017.

  7. chatfarm


    I might be a dumb old jan 2018 moon boi, but man, I never thought r/cc daily would be upvoting posts about holding coins on exchanges versus proof of keys…smh…

  8. Lol the $39k and $100k narratives are back I see, after one day of green.

    Never change r/cc

    Keep dreaming while smart money shorts the fuck out of this market. Money is made both ways, but is surely is not made by hodling and dreaming of moon lambos

  9. Could we do a discussion thread each week for the podcasts Unchained and Epicenter? They’re both high quality crypto podcasts and I think it’d be great getting this subreddits opinions on each episode’s subject as they are important to crypto’s future and sometimes cover differing opinions. Thoughts?

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