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  1. bukejiuyao


    Hi there! My friend recently gave me a Synology NAS. But I don’t want to use it for backup or as a file/media server. So I’m wondering… Do you have any ideas on how else I can best make use of it?

  2. Ubuntu 16.04 here.
    Of late, I see this message during every bootup:

    /dev/sda8 : clean, 412795/6111232 files, 12913051/24413952 blocks

    does this mean my HDD is going bad?
    is there any repair / recovery possible, or do I need to buy a new HDD ?
    below is the systemd blame output.

    $ systemd-analyze time
    Startup finished in 4.237s (kernel) + 41.866s (userspace) = 46.104s

    $ systemd-analyze blame
    11.372s apt-daily.service
    11.336s dev-sda8.device
    10.813s NetworkManager-wait-online.service
    7.074s snapd.service
    5.576s apparmor.service
    5.036s dev-loop3.device
    4.829s dev-loop1.device
    4.634s fwupd.service
    4.628s networking.service
    4.560s dev-loop2.device
    3.810s dev-loop4.device
    3.231s teamviewerd.service
    2.890s NetworkManager.service
    2.796s dev-loop0.device
    2.747s accounts-daemon.service
    2.541s systemd-udevd.service
    1.966s gpu-manager.service
    1.779s console-setup.service
    1.497s grub-common.service
    1.470s binfmt-support.service
    1.174s dev-disk-byx2duuid-713a1c67x2d3c5cx2d432ax2d9d55x2d258bd114d967.swap
    1.046s thermald.service
    1.022s rsyslog.service
    864ms lightdm.service
    859ms systemd-tmpfiles-setup-dev.service
    830ms systemd-update-utmp.service
    776ms systemd-tmpfiles-setup.service
    722ms systemd-modules-load.service
    718ms keyboard-setup.service
    619ms systemd-journald.service
    572ms plymouth-start.service
    544ms avahi-daemon.service
    514ms upower.service
    496ms systemd-journal-flush.service
    450ms systemd-random-seed.service
    440ms irqbalance.service
    423ms dev-mqueue.mount

  3. AlexandruLFC


    Hello! My laptop charger is broken: the thing that gets in to the laptop. I have bought another cable with the end part.

    The new end part has 2 wires inside and my old charger cable has just one cable. Please check the pictures:[](

    Can you help me to connect them? 😀

    PS: is an Asus charger, I don’t have a box at the middle of the cable.

  4. zicooooooo


    Does Instagram listen to us?

    Both me and my wife have been reporting Instagram adverts directly related to what we have been speaking only in person about (not through WhatsApp or internet profile etc). I work in digital marketing so i understand well how programmatic works and I can honestly say the things that have appeared for us we don’t have a profile for them and they are usually random new things we start to talk about, an example today was those work at home fitness DVDs, my wife mentioned she her friend is using it and boom, an ad the next day, on MY phone for this type of stuff. We share NO devices. We’ve even done random tests talking about random stuff like frisbees and boom, frisbee advert. If they are listening, has anyone got any text from the terms and conditions of when I signed up or downloaded the app for me to view so I can understand the extent they they do it?



    I have a 2017 iMac with the Retina display, and I noticed some dust stuck on the screen that was distracting, so I got a microfiber cloth (for glasses) and wiped a couple of times.


    I read that it’s better to wipe the screen while the computer and screen are off, but that seems to be the case if you are using liquid.


    Can dry-wiping the screen while it’s on lead to lasting damage to the display?

  6. anthony112358


    I don’t think Facebook is actually deleting accounts. I had a Facebook account for about 10 years and fully deleted it a few months ago (went through the whole 30 day process and they said it had been fully deleted from the system).

    I just recently created a new test account and the friend suggestions that appear during account creation are all people I know. If my account was fully purged from the facebook system, how are these people popping up in my suggested friends? I used my phone number to sign up for this account and no email address. I believe the old account used an old email address. But if all my information was deleted from the system, nothing should have been retained.

  7. moesahen98


    Is it possible for someone to view the entire list(If one even exists) of “Googles AutoCompleted Suggestions ” when using the search engine, because after “further investigation” i have came to the conclusion that you cant get beyond 10 suggestions , also is the list based solely on popular searches ?

    I’m trying to well understand the system .

  8. Destiato


    I am trying to find a cable that is ~1 foot long and has a lightning connector on one end and usb-c on the other. I’ve been looking for about 45 minutes? I searched amazon and newegg as well as just googling it. I havent been able to find any. Where else should I look? Should I try to make my own? I have a soldering iron and have done some simple work on some circuit boards.

  9. Jose_b112


    Hi there. I have a Philips smart tv and I need a good soundbar, preferably from Philips.

    I don’t need anything too much, I just need something that makes the vocals in series and movies more audible, and I don’t care much about bass and other things that matter for music.

    Any solid budget soundbars to recommend?

  10. Roberttee93


    Hey guys just bought a macbook pro 2018 13′ with touch bar a few months ago, I closed the macbook last night with about 60% battery remaining and when I’ve went back to it this morning I am getting a black screen and no backlit keyboard? I am unsure if it is turned on because there is feedback on the touchpad and it makes the beep sound if I plug the charger in. I have tried resetting but the macbook doesn’t seem to be responding to anything, any one had similar issues?


  11. Iceklimber


    New technologies which leap gaming forward are fascinating. One such innovation was *bump mapping*.

    This technique illuminates completely flat surfaces in a way that makes it resemble three-dimensions. Look at this wall from the first game to ever implement bump mapping, [Deus Ex 3]( from 2003. Bricks appear three-dimensional and even cast physically correct shadows.

    Plot Twist: *Bump mapping* had been invented in [1978](, no less than twenty-five years prior to seeing light for the first time in a video game.


    By extension this means that a lot of future gaming innovations have already been made. Do you know which?

  12. The USB cable that came with my OnePlus 6T won’t fit into any of my laptop’s (ASUS ROG Strix GL703GM-E5045T) four USB ports. It fits into other laptops just fine, and other USB cables fit into my laptop just fine.


    Does anyone have a reasonable explanation for why this might happen?


    (Yes I turned it over the mandatory two times.)


  13. tusabes91


    I am new to reddit and have an Android (Samsung S9). Was wondering how to go about sharing posts with friends on reddit. We already created a direct chat. He has an iphone and reddit looks different on his phone. He has more options and manages to share posts with me through the direct chat. I do not have the same options he does. Suggestions?

  14. AS345


    It might just be my perception but why aren’t governments nor consumers trying to prevent a Google monopoly? It seems people are fully OK with Google homogenizing the market but when it comes to other companies, they all get eviscerated (A certain company starting with M comes to mind).

    Are people that trusting of Google that they’ll allow the monopoly?

  15. nguterresn


    Do anyone know how magnetic cable works?

    I have tried to search on google about that, but unfortunately haven’t found anything I could learn from. I want to build one from the scratch.

    So If anyone has some kind of link or pdf, I would appreciate.

  16. Ramguy2014


    Why is wireless HDMI so expensive? The “budget” options I’ve been finding are still upwards of $100. Why is there such a huge markup from wired to wireless, especially versus other wired to wireless tech?
    PS is there a cheaper option that I’m missing?

  17. muadh09


    I was enquiring on wireless charging for different phones. Do they support the same charging pads or different phones have different volts rating hence different charging pads?

  18. pufcj


    I’m looking for a new tv and I noticed all of them are smart TVs. Is it not possible to get a good tv that doesn’t do a bunch of other crap? I don’t want android on my tv and I don’t want ads loaded on my tv. I know I could just not connect it to the internet, but for at least one tv I saw, a reviewer said that during the setup process the tv required them to sign in to a google account and there was no way to bypass it.

    I’ve been using the same 32 inch Samsung for six years and it doesn’t do any of this and I’m disheartened to see all new TVs have all this added garbage.

    Any suggestions? I’m thinking of getting a Sony X900F series tv. Anyone have any experience with new Sony TVs?

  19. foshizi


    My daughter received a plushie Bluetooth speaker for Christmas, which has built-in LEDs that keep her up at night. Is there a way to just disable the LEDs? Do you think I can just cut them out?
    Ref: Dan Dee Bluetooth speaker

  20. Krilitane1


    So on my phone (LG V30) I’ve got an oled screen and I’m noticing it takes a very small amount of time to go from all black (pixels off) to dark grey. This results in some weird gradient effects on my screen. It only happens when browsing Reddit in dark mode. The background is black and the posts are dark grey so when I slide around on my front page this effect occurs. Im guessing that it just takes time to turn the pixels back on but my question is this:

    is this an fundamental flaw with oled screens or is the one on my phone just not that great?

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