Tim Cook to Investors: People Bought Fewer New iPhones Because They Repaired Their Old Ones – Apple finally says that repair hurts its bottom line.


  1. lnx64


    I used to work at Apple, and let me tell you, Cook hates this. I worked during the Jobs era, and “mostly” loved working there. Granted, it was still pretty much this way, sell new, don’t repair, BUT our forced planned obsolense was less. For example, I helped work on Lion to Mavericks before quitting, and I did that from a 2008 Mac Pro. Needless to say, I was shocked when Air Drop, something that would work just fine on a 2008 Mac Pro, and I was testing it on such, wouldn’t work on it once it hit the final release. Apparently the higher up big cheese was like “we don’t want them using older machines, we want them using newer machines” (not what was said, but I guestimate it’s how it went). The 2008 Mac Pro had all the right hardware for Air Drop.

    So I snuck out a patch that as far as I knew, worked even on Mavericks (I have not confirmed it, I confirmed it to at least Mountain Lion).

    But this, this is where I started to get upset with Apple’s way of thinking, because this was the time Cook started to take over. Some changes made sense, like which EFI version to be targeting, since the first EFI’s were actually crippled and never fixed or fixable at the firmware level (either too small of flash memory, or the CPU’s weren’t even 64-bit to begin with), but Cook really did take the company down an anti-consumer route, that I won’t soon forget.

    Funny enough, I still have my 2008 Mac Pro that I worked with, I got to take it. It’s not an entirely special machine, just an oddball firmware you won’t see on a retail model (Insyde H2O BIOS setup), and you know what, it happily runs Windows 10 today despite no longer being supported with ANY new version of OS X. And I got a GTX 1050 Ti in it, and it games quite well despite its age.

    I think the MacPro 3,1 was the last of Apple’s “good” Core 2 based Xeon machines.

  2. Maybe, hear me out on this. Maybe, people don’t actually need new phones. Maybe, all these new features and improvements mean nothing to someone who’s needs are met when with an older phone.

    I understand what’s apples wants and needs are, but a cellphone is a tool, and nobody but a fool throws away a perfectly good tool.

  3. DJCaldow


    Buying new stuff hurts the planet!

    Repairing old stuff hurts companies who use slave labour camps with suicide prevention nets and waste the planets dwindling resources to make shit you don’t need in ways you don’t want.

    I know which of these I won’t be crying myself to sleep over.

  4. daithiq


    Imagine buying a car. Then going to a mechanic and being told he couldn’t repair it because there were no parts and he’ll be sued by the manufacturer.

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  6. Crowbar_Faith


    People are keeping their older phones because the newer ones are both overpriced and have less advanced specs from said previous phones.

    Maybe try to not be so greedy with that price tag?

  7. getBusyChild


    The ironic thing is that Apple under Tim Cook has become exactly what Steve Jobs warned about:


    Hell the iPhone X was supposedly a grand redesign and new tech, they replaced it in less than a year. How much R&D money along with the payroll for Engineers etc went into that phone just to do that?

    Then there is Eddy Cue, how is he still employed? The man has been moved from Siri, iTunes, Apple TV, even Maps. For fuck sake, Physician heal thyself.

  8. shotgun883


    Simple, the cost of phones is that high that repair makes financial sense.

    If Apple want to make the goods disposable they need to make them cheaper, if they want to make premium products which cost premium prices, expect people to treat them like premium products.

  9. burning1rr


    Yeah, sure.

    Games industry: “Piracy is the reason our game isn’t making money.”

    Game players: “Your game isn’t making money because it sucks.”

    Not trying to make a comment about the quality of the Phone. I’m merely observing that companies often blame user behavior for declining sales figures.

  10. naturecollision


    stopped buying new phones when they removed the headphone jack, stopped buying their new computers when I could not open and replace ram/hard disk, or connect any usb sticks to it anymore.

    will probably leave the whole eco-system unless they start thinking differently again.

    so, I expect at least one of their phones having a headphone jack all the time
    at least one macbook have lots of ports on the sides all the time and be user upgradeable

    and at least one mac pro be user upgradeable

    and when they release schematics to public domain for right of repair purposes, I will probably corporate love them again.

    but currently I am recommending people to spend the money they could spend on a new apple gadget on quality time with friends and family instead, instead of these ego, I-devices.

  11. soucy


    I have an iPhone 7 and it’s still in perfect condition. Before that I had a 5C. I upgraded for NFC support and water resistance. I haven’t upgraded yet because I really like Touch ID and don’t want to move to Face ID. Today’s phones are so good that I really don’t have a functionality or performance reason to upgrade. I’m down to buy another phone any time in 2019 but Apple will need to bring back Touch ID or it will be a hard sell. Having to look at a phone to unlock it just seems needlessly inconvenient.

    The iPad is kind of in the same boat where they’re reaching a point where its so good that there isn’t a lot of reason to upgrade often. The Apple Watch has room for growth with refinement (thinner more powerful).

    The next “big thing” that would make me excited about upgrading a phone (and make performance upgrades matter again) would be if I could dock my phone to a standard monitor and keyboard to have a full desktop experience when I need it. It would be great if you could walk into a public library or cafe and dock your device for a desktop experience (charging… network connection… external display mouse and keyboard… USB hub). Ideally with external GPUs (like the Razer Core setup) for gaming. Get to that point and I would be upgrading a lot more because my phone would turn into a viable primary compute device.

  12. Longqweef


    Just on a personal note. I didn’t upgrade because they didn’t do anything new. They released a new processor, which is expected so that should NEVER be selling point. They made the iPhone bigger, but not actually bigger just equal to the most popular phones on the market. And Siri is still a worthless application that takes up space.

    People stopped buying iPhones because Apple forgot how to innovate and develop new technologies that consumers actually want.

    But this just my opinion
    Edit: spelling errors

  13. I can say, as an avid and previously loyal iPhone junky, I will be shopping around for alternatives after Apple becoming increasingly proprietary and restrictive with their “innovation” and price points. You just aren’t getting what you pay for with apple anymore. It sucks because I’ve loved them from the start but, oh to see the mighty fall. Capitalism and greed, I guess.

  14. concavator


    Honestly, the design changes stopped being attractive to me. I don’t want a lack of a fucking phone jack. I don’t want cornered screen edges. Those new cornered edges actually made my life a living hell as an app developer. We don’t want a stupid Touch Bar that replaces the tactile escape key that I use hundreds of times when I’m programming in Xcode. Stop changing things for no fucking reason and removing functionality.… And then maybe people will buy newer models.

  15. zoltan99


    Apple: Remember when the new iPhone (first gen) was $800, and then you dropped the price and Steve Jobs said what a horrible mistake that was and refunded tens of thousands (I’m assuming…it was VERY early on, still probably hundreds of thousands, nobody really knows,) of customers $400 each?

    …Do that shit again, $1,500 for a phone is RIDICULOUS. Deserving of ridicule. Absurd. Fucking batshit insane.

  16. Burntbigtoe


    Repairs are not hurting Apple, lack of innovation is. They just haven’t been the same company since Jobs, and they’re riding on his coat tails. One day it’ll have to stop, because there’s only so many times you can slightly improve a product.

  17. They repair because nobody wants to pay $1000+ for a fucking phone.

    I have a 7 plus and while I think the new iPhones without touchID are nice and sleek and look wayyy better, they simply don’t provide much to warrant their cost since majority of what it can do software wise, can already be done by the 7 plus.

  18. ethanwc


    That and the fact that my 3 year iPhone is fine for my needs. The latest model is probably amazing, but not $1200 amazing. And the fact that carriers refuse to subsidize phones anymore probably really killed the new-every-two market.

    edit: I realize the subsidy wasn’t actually a subsidy due to cost of service. I worked in the industry for 10 years, but thanks everyone. It’s the PERCEPTION of subsidy.

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