Routes to working in Ed Tech in Higher Ed?

I've recently discovered ed-tech as a potential calling of mine. I know having a teaching certification looks good, but I'm also looking at alternative routes.

I came across online certification courses from the International Society for Education Technology.

Would any of these certifications look good on my resume?

If this is not an good option, what certifications should I earn if I want to work in a Higher Ed environment? Should I suck it up and go get my master's in Ed Tech and earn the state certificate in instructional technology? As part of a fellowship with a higher ed institution, I'll already have two years of experience in ed-tech. I'll also have a total of 6 years of experience in Help Desk and IT technician roles. I don't want to go back to school to earn my Masters, but I will if I have to.

Thanks for any and all help!

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  1. slackjaw79


    Currently work in ed tech with a BA in Accounting. With your experience, you could get a job today. Look at openings at nearby universities and move up from there. They may even provide free tuition benefits.

  2. 4techteachers


    I taught in the K-12 world and found a passion for Ed tech and decided to explore further and ended up getting a master’s degree online.

    I honestly feel like the instructional design job I got at a local university is my dream job. I think a certificate could do the job if you are patient and find the right school but I know higher ed in general has an inflated importance in higher degrees.

    I’d look at job listings and see what the minimum requirements are and then decide if a certificate can get you an interview. Sometimes getting in the door is enough.

    Good luck. I know my job is the perfect mix of professional development and content creation for faculty with a mix of fun projects. Hope you find the same happiness in a field that seems to be calling you to it.

  3. Runner1928


    When you say you want to work in higher education with education technology, do you have specific roles or tasks in mind? E.g., teaching or IT support or research or coding or product creation or entrepreneurship or something else?

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