Any decent SIS (student information system) providers?

I'm looking to replace our current system, which includes an attendance platform and a bunch of manual coordination, with a SIS provider/tool.
I've been just finding options through Google and a few other contacts in the ed industry, but I'm relatively new and my boss doesn't know of many other options either. The main goal we want in our next SIS is attendance recording + tracking. On top of that, we would a few things:

  • Some type of area/portal in the tool where a variety of information would be displayed like document links, survey links, to-do lists, etc

  • Other information of students. Think of things like forms submitted and completed, student's roster, etc

  • Integration with Salesforce. Ability to read and write data from Salesforce would be huge. We want Salesforce to be our single source of truth, but know it's going to be hard to enforce that when our partners/front-line staff are inputting data into the SIS

  • Ability to integrate with 3rd party survey administrators. We coordinate survey administration and completion, and since everyone prefers to go digital, we want to be able to have a student or staff be able to click on a link within the SIS to take a survey

I know this is asking for a lot, but I honestly think most of it should be fairly in-scope for a good SIS. I'm not looking for the absolute best SIS, but just a good product from a good company with decent support. So I'd love any suggestions

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  1. angryphysics


    Where are you located? Your state education agency may be able to offer some guidance here. In Texas, TEA has set some standards and interoperability guidelines in order to develop a “State-approved” SIS list.

  2. Runner1928


    Are you planning to have a request for proposal and bidding process? RfP documents generally are the best way to write down your requirements, even if you don’t end up doing the full bidding process.

  3. louiseah


    We use Infinite Campus. I don’t know about how integrated it is with other systems, mostly because of student data privacy I think. However I would love to be able to use the grading import option from Google Classroom into Infinite Campus but I don’t know how that works and/or if it could given the privacy concerns and access.

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