BTC Approved in 37 Argentinian Cities As Transportation Payment


  1. DumLoco


    Highly misleading title.
    The SUBE card payment system for public transport is like 9 years old. You can’t pay with BTC directly, you have to use the contactless card with some previously payed credit.
    This is just a company that acts as an intermediary to let you add credit to your card with BTC. I suppose they then convert it to pesos and make a deposit on the SUBE website on your name.

  2. Pipster01


    This is not quite correct though. It is not as you can hop on a bus and pay with btc. Actually, a local crypto company (Bitex) allows people to top-up the SUBE card (a contactless card used to pay for your bus/train/subway tickets in several cities nationwide) using bitcoin.

    Anyways, in Argentina you may manage all your personal economy with bitcoin, albeit indirectly, thanks to this sort of interfaces between the crypto world and daily life. []( is one of the local spearheads in this effort, btw.

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