Daily Discussion, February 10, 2019

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  1. I_Am_RadioHead


    As an altcoin enthusiast myself, I just want to say that having multiple cryptocurrencies is a good thing, not a bad thing. Bitcoin works well with Litecoin, because Litecoin can test things like confidential transactions, and if it’s successful it can be implemented into Bitcoin. Ethereum has a place too for things like CryptoKitties, decentralized finance (like MakerDAO and Dai), and other useful dapps. All of which, by the way, help bring people into the cryptocurrency space which weren’t there before. Anyone can buy a CryptoKitty and sell it at a higher price, and decide to keep profits in BTC. It all works together nicely, and the Bitcoin community should be happy about the achievements of other cryptocurrencies.

  2. MoonBoyLambos


    I’ve been altcoiner since 2013 but for the first time I bought a bit of Bitcoin for hold 2 days ago before the pump, observing the history of many fallen coins with broken promises I started doubting in some of my hodlings but I still believe some will have a worldwide use, question is which ones.

  3. BCash_BeTrash


    Having led his followers down the dangerous route of investing in Bcash, a dishonest scam coin characterised by deliberate passing off, Roger Ver is now promoting his new ‘nation’ – Liberland (Google it – I won’t provide a link.)

    Here, no doubt, he could continue to be a lying fuckwit and hope to evade the law.

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