Daily Discussion Megathread – February 9th 2019


  1. Stratafyre


    It’s curious that TRX is bleeding just before the BTT airdrop. It’ll be interesting to see if this is an intentional tactic to drop the price and then snatch it up at a discount before hand – or if it’ll just dance sideways off a cliff on the 11th.

  2. Its hilarious how Waltonchain have the exchanges they are listed on in their partnerships list !!!!!!! I mean honestly man, its just another example of WTC claiming something that is not true. Then the WTC community respond saying “well maybe these exchanges are utilizing the WTC blockchain” I dont know of any legit project that does this.

  3. LausXY


    Literally after weeks of holding Litecoins and them doing nothing I decide to sell, and it fucking pumps. I’m pissed, that Bog meme is true. It’s stupid to buy back in now I know I am emotional just for godsake I got those litecoins at £25 each

  4. pizzazza


    Just finished reading a book on my kindle (The Stranger by Albert Camus) and thought I might as well read something about crypto to jump back into it, used to be really into the space for years but fell into the pits of drug addiction and alcoholism and withdrew everything when my life hit a sort of rock bottom so to speak. Just bought back in (although just a minimal amount) now that I’m 50 days clean and sober. Anyways, what are some good must read books regarding crypto? Are there any crypto specific to begin with, or should I just read a book on TA or markets in general first? Something published relatively recently would be great!

  5. Pemrocks


    Is anyone here from the before and during the beginning of the 19k btc bullrun?
    How did it feel when it started, what was the sentiment like, bulls vs bears.

  6. Grinder777


    To start a Bullrun in Crypto we could start a series of Bankruns!

    We could do so just to show the weakness of the actual financial system…

    It would be hard to find one similar Date were everyone would move all his Money from the Banks, but imagine what could happen if each 13th of a month a growing amount of people will do so…

    Lets go there each 13th and pick up all available money we can get – each month. We can bring it back next day, just to see what happens.

    I am absolute convinced those Banks have to change financial behavior or break. They don’t have the money to pay out all of us – and they know!

    It will scare the s*** out of them

    Have fun!

  7. I think a likely scenario in the coming days is finally testing the double bottom at $3200 before we see a massive support and finally a bullrun starting.

    The last days pump is just us moving to the top of the downward channel. So how do we get down to $3200 from here? Long squeeze…which have been screaming to happen for many weeks now.

    Longs are at 31000, almost as high we have ever been. While shorts are very low, at 24000. That is not a good sign. A drop to $3200 will liquidate longs and trigger stop losses, so we get a balance between shorts and longs .

  8. Kpenney


    Anyone have a clue what the fuck is going on with Bitfinex? If I ever log back on again I’m certainly withdrawing everything I have there. Should have done it on the 3rd but I got lazy, and password resetting with a 5 day withdrawl suspension? The fuck?


    Sitting here after an hour waiting for a password reset email, what a joke of an exchange.

  9. sbowesuk


    Just waiting for the Bart pattern to complete.

    In any case, we want organic growth, not artificial inflation, which can (and often does) deflate just as quickly.

  10. Flenst


    Caught the Verge dev lying again.

    Here he says they have raised enough for the Ledger Nano integration: [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iycgi8q6HNw](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iycgi8q6HNw) Remember they still thought they would have to pay for it.

    In the yesterdays interview he claims he never had access to the donation funds wallet because it belonged to MindGeek.

    So how the hell would he then have withdrawn the funds he thought he needs for Ledger? Of course he had access to this wallet. It gets quite obviously to me that a good part of those donations directly went into his pockets.

    As a side note: the wallet where these funds were moved to is mining up to today to a netherlands pool. So I assume here too, excluding it being an exchange, these funds were moved to one of his wallets. Or one of his mates.

    Stay away from this crypto, this shouts fraud wherever you look.

  11. Please ELI5: How can almost a whole (!!!) market at 5pm (eet) yesterday surge? A whoe market jumps around 10% up? A whole fucking market! Is there one entity that does this, is it a bot war and everyone is fomoing? With every shitcoin?

    I am interested in what’s your take on this! I know this happens often, but I never cared to ask until now

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