Jeff Bezos Protests the Invasion of His Privacy, as Amazon Builds a Sprawling Surveillance State for Everyone Else


  1. Baruchstudent


    Ok, ima going to point something out everyone is missing here, facial recognition software will happen, with amazon or without. the only difference is who creates it. Imagine a private company creates this technology, it will be a lot more dangerous than if a public company like amazon makes it. Or imagine the government creates it…

    Idk about u guys, but I trust amazon a lot more than no name confidential private company

  2. This is an article by Glen Greenwald. He has ZERO credibility.

    That asshole got Snowden to Russia. And you wonder why we are having such issues with Russia right now.

    If you believe anything that Glen Greewald says, you know SHIT about security and you know SHIT about current events.


  3. rojm


    amazon is building a surveillance state? perhaps being forced to give up information and placed under a gag order like every other big silicon valley company. remember the feds were suing yahoo because they weren’t giving up all their users information?

  4. Joey_Central


    I fear that china may eventually take us over. Our tech leaders have zero nationalism whatsoever while China is gleaming with nationalism. Plus they are focused on developing AI while our leaders are too much into activism and petty issues like social justice. I fear eventually, we will all be speaking mandarin.

  5. Das_Houser


    I believe eventually GDPR-like regulartions will come to America and replace the decades old US-CANSPAM regulations we have. When this happens, you can request all data stored on you to be delivered to you, and also request the data is deleted with confirmation to you.

    When it is proposed, be weary of smear campaigns, as mega corps like Apple, Amazon, Netflix, and Facebook are going to lobby against full steam.

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