Long untouchable, web giants now know what it feels like to be hunted – Governments, after years of indulgence, are rightly getting tough on social media sites


  1. txstoploss


    Don’t get your hopes up. Google and Facebook are DARPA-CIA puppets from way back. A few congresscritters yelling on TV during hearings with CEOs aren’t going to change any but the most public-facing ‘features’.

    EDIT: When the only entity powerful enough to rein in the seditious, lying MSM and ‘web giants’ in the US is the totalitarian, Oligarchical US Government, we are truly fucked.

  2. JannysBane


    I don’t like any organization with as much power as Google, the US federal government, the intelligence organizations, and many others have; but I don’t mind watching them try to tear each other down. As long as those in power are bickering with others in power, they aren’t securing global domination.

    I do find the fear of facebook laughable, though. Like, just delete your account; log off. It’s really that easy.

  3. ShalmaneserIII


    The owner of a product is the one who pays for it. Period- always will be the case. If you expect all this stuff to be at no cost to you, it’s going to be controlled by someone else.

  4. Facebook, Google, and etc have had their chance for self-regulation. When they are caught with their hand in the cookie jar they are quick to point out that it’s legal. Thanks for pointing out the problem.

    Not that I have much faith in governments getting it right but hey, at least someone’s taking a swing at it? I mean, they might accidentally hit the piñata. Or they could end up knocking out the teeth of the bystanding public. Maybe we should play Pin the Tail instead… being poked with a tack isn’t so bad, right?

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