Reddit Users Rally Against Chinese Censorship After the Site Receives a $150 Million Reported Investment


  1. hundycougar


    I’m not sure I understand the fuss… reddit is already censored by reddit admins. No longer the wild west that it was where freedom, common sense, and a thick skin reigned.

  2. crissxfiore


    What I don’t get is this: I remember (and correct me if I’m wrong) that reddit gold was introduced to pay for the servers, to avoid external influences and censorship.

    Now we have reddit silver, gold and platinum and reddit is getting investments left and right with no concern whatsoever for its user’s free speech.

  3. “rally against” lol.

    “let’s post videos of Tienanmen Square and Winnie The Pooh! that’ll show them! and let’s buy gold and platinum for these posts to further support what we think we’re against! we’re such badasses lmaoooolol xD”

  4. >Rally Against Chinese Censorship

    C’mon man. They posted a bunch of pictures and whined and accomplished what exactly? This was February 2019’s Kony 2012. Except even less.

    That being said I did learn about r/sino because of it and I gotta say it’s a weird feeling being on the other end of such rampant nationalism and vague, rude generalizations about ‘my kind’. Certainly puts things into perspective.

    Here’s a fun excerpt from a thread about going to war with the west:

    >The “West” as we know it is derived from the Anglo-Saxon, Germanic, and Visigothic traditions. It is deeply rooted in the Germanic mindset of constant expansion, warfare and ethnic conquest. Nothing is ever enough for this kind of culture. Once they conquered the Western Roman Empire, they push east into Slavic lands, and south into the Easter Roman Empire. Once they took all of Europe, the pushed into the New World, Africa, and South Asia.

    >In traditional Chinese culture, the scholar is the first man of the state, commanding far more respect than any warrior or general. In the West, it’s the complete opposite. Many of their greatest heroes and leaders weren’t even literate. The only qualification for nobility was to good with a sword and lance.

    Or other fun things like

    >China doesn’t need a democracy

    Like it’s weird because so much of the stuff ticks the right boxes of ‘here’s some propaganda bro’ but maybe that’s in response to western propaganda. But then you look and they have perfectly normal posts outside of their r/sino posts. Shit’s weird and entertaining.

  5. Allah_Shakur


    well we are far due for something better than reddit. The mod system is garbage and almost all subs are just running after it’s tail going nowhere. It was a great thing for a while but we are due for something that moves forward.

  6. Bigred2989-


    Redditors responded by simultaneously listing reasons why China is an awful country full of human rights abuses and censorship while giving Reddit more money via gilding posts pointing all that stuff out. You fucking rubes even give a shit or are you just following a trend?

    EDIT: Since this post is gaining some steam, here’s a couple LPTs: Just because you like a website doesn’t mean you have to donate to them. If you like a post, just upvote it and/or comment. Quit treating gold and plat as a super upvote like how you treat the report option as a super downvote. Focus on what a post says rather than the symbols and numbers next to them.

    Also half the benefits of Reddit premium given by gilding (such as ad-free browsing) can be gained for free though so many methods (browser based ad-blocker, Reddit Enhancement Suite, and 3rd party mobile apps like Reddit Is Fun that run ads so small they might as well not exist).

    EDIT 2: Amiajoketoyou.jepg. I woke up to find out a post about why gilding is stupid when you hate what the site is doing and see I have almost 4 months of premium. I knew when I posted this it would attract jokers that like to guild people talking about gilding, but I had no idea there would be so many. I’m also finding out that there are people out there who get a monthly stipend of coins to spend because they were premium users on the Alien Blue app before it became the official Reddit app. Could mean that most of the gold I got, possibly most on the site, was never paid for with real money and invalidates a lot of what I said.

  7. dahvzombie


    If the chinese do intend to censor western media they will do it like they do everything else- slowly, well calculated and on a huge scale. Censorship the second they get a small stake in a niche company, absolutely not. Slowly increasing regulation over years or decades is more likely.

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