Russia to disconnect from the internet as part of a planned test


  1. BucketofWind


    China’s Prime Minister Li Keqiang shared with President Putin that, a law for a planned internet test was a great (cover story/way) to (control/ensure) the safety of their internet. (He/the government) could disconnect the country from the rest of the world’s internet whenever needed for the”social good”.

  2. dgfjhryrt


    sort of strange. I would have thought the biggest threat to most dictatorships is people within their countries, unless they have forced political opponents out of the country, which may be the case. on thinking about it, probably most of the countries they have interfered with are now bombarding them with propaganda. but cutting the internet certainly isnt going to help their economy

  3. polishparish


    Since Putin has the biggest problems with controlling internet – the best way is to switch it off. Way to go Putin! – continue building a Stalinist state. And don’t worry, your clueless trolls around the world surely will say something like: „he destroyed the internet like a BOSS”…

  4. trisul-108


    It is very obvious that Putin is preparing a military attack.

    He has ordered Russian companies to be ready for war.

    * Russia practiced a nuclear attack in the last war games, along with an attack on the Baltics.
    * Russian hackers have been attacking our utilities.
    * Russia practiced on Ukraine bringing down the electrical grid using hackers.
    * Russian subs were caught sniffing around communication cables in the deepest part of the Atlantic, where they could be broken, but not easily fixed.
    * etc.

    The West is dependent on the internet for business, Russia much less, hence taking down the internet and erecting the Putin Internet Wall.

    instead of responding by building defences, Trump wants to build a concrete wall on the border with Mexico … while Russia attacks via the internet.

  5. ajagoff


    I am not technically savvy. Could this be a test for Russia to disconnect from internet in order to make sure the country has the infrastructure it needs to continue carrying on without it, so that they can nuke the internet in the future and throw the world into chaos while they remain in control of their own nation? Is nuking the internet of other countries something that can be done?

  6. nooze


    Well that title must sounds like “Russian government and providers will test workability of Russian internet without access to worldwide routing and services providers just in case”. I know that’s still sounds pretty stupid, but don’t forget we live in a world where access to information is major part of our living and could be used as very effective weapon to unbalance financial and commercial sectors of any country just in seconds.

    Anyway that’s only government act and people in Russia was like “you want to do whaaaaat?” too. Because we know that all things that sounds like “it’s just a test bro” could be used one day in interest of some kind of limitations and censorship. And the part with traffic control hardware and installation of government routing equipment is not good thing for sure. It will not be used now, but living and knowing it could be used any time is just sad.

    And part where “provides want to test” this internet blackout thing is just wrong. Providers don’t want to test anything. That shit is crazy expensive, need to be tested and maintained all the time, equipment will be buggy and at the end of the day it’s provider who will take a hit from unhappy customers and giving its own resources and money to make all that work. But when it’s government’s law you have not many options. First you will receive some expensive fines and then your network will just shot down.

  7. Dr_Vegetable


    This is but another money-siphoning bs. They won’t succeed and will call for more investments. Essentially that is massive money laundering scheme with extra steps.

    Russia doesn’t have means to follow through with that “plan”. Best (worst?) case scenario they just cut off internet entirely for a day. I doubt they can even do that.

    edit: whoever the imbeciles downvoting are I’ve seen RKN’s being absolutely incompetent first-hand last spring when they accidentally cut off most of services using amazon servers in an effort to block a messenger. They failed to block it however succeeded in blocking banking operations (albeit for a day), gaming servers and even their own sites.

  8. MovieFan135


    Someone else can clarify/confirm but apparently the US Patriot Act allowed the President (and homeland sec.) executive power to turn off the internet at all physical internet entry points of the US (I’m assuming continental US)… so basically the internet still works for all hosts within the US, but no internet traffic gets in or out of the US.

    I think it was meant for use during a massive cyber attack or to ensure internet traffic isn’t also being attacked or flooded by external interests during a 9/11 type of event… ex. last thing you need is country wide emergency calls over VoiP dropping because of a coordinated cyber attack.

    Sounds similar to the Russians test..but not sure if the US has ever publicly tested this.

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