Reddit users are the least valuable of any social network


  1. jjjman73


    I know we’ve all blown up the tencent investment, but i was pretty bummed reading about it. They made a big investment with the primary reason being to allow reddit to vitalize their advertising potential. I fear this low monetization of the user base will not stay forever.

  2. KeavesSharpi


    So let me get this straight. Value is a calculation based specifically on how much money can be extracted from the user base of a social network and nothing else?

    Yeah, let’s stay worthless reddit.

  3. Reddit encourages (or at least it used to) pseudonymity. You can create accounts with no personal data, not even email, and there could be multiple accounts per user on top of novelty accounts and bots.

  4. egarcia74


    I’m ok with redditors having “low value” if it means there’s little incentive to exploit us like other social media exploit their user base.

    Our real “value” isn’t measured in how much money we can generate.

    I missed the *r* in *user*.

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