Winnie The Pooh takes over Reddit due to Chinese investment, censorship fears


  1. MerkyWaterCO


    I’m relatively new to reddit and the thing I’ve found most appealing about it is the sheer lack of censorship on content that I’ve seen. I liked that so much because it shows the true sentiments of people on this platform. When I see things like this it really worries me that the world is headed in a direction where the truth is covered up and people aren’t able to express their feelings on matters they care about(often through the form of memes). I deeply hope that reddit and it’s community can overcome the imposing threat of Chinese censorship.

  2. caboosemoose


    The main thing I’ve learned from this is the to me utterly improbable idea that reddit could possibly need a cash injection of $150m, let alone $300m. This site is a text based aggregator monitored by a lot of volunteers in the subreddit moderators. Can someone educate me how it could possibly cost more than $5m/year to run and not make that from its ads?

  3. mjspaz


    Can we stop patting ourselves on the back for posting a few memes about it when we know perfectly well everyone will forget by this time next week and nothing will have come from our momentary outrage?

  4. r1ckd33zy


    Christ! The US media sure has a knack for blowing things out of proportion. A couple of shit-posts and people up-voting pictures and it becomes “news-worthy”.

  5. uriman


    Given that Spez has said that all posts and comments are saved on reddit servers regardless if you delete the post, comment or even your account, Reddit with the help of machine learning can very easily build a profile of you unique to the data FB or Google would have. This would be an intimate probe of each individual’s though processes beyond that of generic attributes like sex, age, and religion.

  6. StewofPuppies


    Censorship isn’t happening because of Tencent shares. Just for curious. I bet a good portion of reddit users already are affiliated to Tencent services one way or the other. They’re just that big of a company. Tencent is already partial owners of Activision Blizzard, Riot Games (tencent actually owns this completely now I believe), Tesla Motors, and Glu Mobile which are all American companies.


    E: This isn’t a move to censor information, this is a move to collect more data on you. This is the most obvious answer and 99% of people here talking about Winnie The Pooh is going to censor us all or some other unrelated massacre committed by the CCP.


    E2: I love how most arguments are all about how CCP is bad and CCP can control their own companies. Let’s talk about Blizzard/Riot Games being owned by Tencent. And let’s talk about how people who play on their platform aren’t censored against regarding anti CCP content or spoonfed CCP propaganda. Do you guys not get how companies and shares work? So if any of you with money want to try, go buy shares in something like… say Apple. And try to censor or subvert the company to your will against the will of what their own company would want; perhaps even against the laws/regulations of their own country or state. Now good luck getting that done or even getting executive board to even discuss about making such decisions. Thus far I haven’t heard anything but “CCP is bad, so China is bad. Tencent is China so Tencent is bad. So Reddit is bad.” Really you can just condense that to “I think Chinaman is bad.” It feels and sounds like discrimination. I’m totally against their social credit system and their concentration camps but… really guys? Reddit already has censorship via mods being a major cesspool in some subs and nothing gets done about it.

  7. Zackhario


    Censorship is already happening on Reddit, people have been making noises about posts being removed and users are being banned left and right if it pleases the Chinese investors.

    I know I’m commenting this on Reddit but what a fucking disgrace.

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