Daily Discussion, February 13, 2019

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  1. FourScoreAnd70


    So over the last week, BTC managed to gain almost 7% as coin360 shows. Today it is slightly down, but still, it’s above $3,5K. Could BTC reach $4K over the next or should we take more time?

  2. crayzcrinkle


    OK So I have a question. I have a ledger S, and some funds (not much at all) on Coinbase. Now I’m starting to think about how to keep the gov’t out of my business. I’m not some drug lord, or some industrial miner. However, I think I have previously sent money from my Coinbase (with all it’s KYC crap) directly to the Nano’s address.


    Does that mean if any gov’t was to pry into my affairs, they would forever associate that Nano S address as probably belonging to me? I know one can use “coin mixers” to have one’s coins mixed up with other peoples and then sent on to wherever, perhaps I should have done that in the first place. Is it too late to remove the link between my coinbase and my nano accounts?

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