How Facebook Screwed Us All: It’s not just spreading phony stories everywhere—it’s killing real news.


  1. phileo


    So many people are beyond dumb. That’s why I think a democracy needs a questionnaire. If you get a certain amount of fundamental questions correct, you have the right to vote. This way only the somewhat informed can influence our society.

  2. Social media are just big cafés where the ill-informed spew their unfiltered opinions.

    When it was an actual bar, people didn’t care, but it seems that now we have a couple of gigantic internet bars that the media think are newsworthy somehow. Be it to further polarize or politically feed these people, or perhaps and hopefully they really didn’t notice they were taking lines from people that have no clue what they are talking about.

    I remember the cringe when I first saw tweets being quoted on national television ….

    Unfortunately being speedy with news is now A LOT more important than bringing quality news. But I’m seeing a lot of people being mad about that, so I’m hopeful that the media will pick this up and go back to their traditional way of gathering news by getting in there, instead of scrolling the net and translating/copy-pasting.

  3. fried_justice


    Vast majority of news is tailored to a specific audience. Forcing people to see “woke” news first in their search results would just turn Facebook into another Google. People want a personalized experience that shows stuff they agree with and they don’t want to personalize the experience themselves. They want the algorithm to do it for them.

    The problem is Facebook gave us exactly what we want, and now we want what we want to be what others view as well. It’s kinda fucked up actually.

  4. KishinD


    There’s no way facebook did more harm to journalism than the legal changes in the ’90s (end of fairness doctrine and media megamergers) or the rise of the internet did.

    I suppose I’d rather have two bullet wounds than three. But still. It seems like when you can’t trust anyone to tell you the truth, the default is just to believe what feels right to you.

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  6. smooviejesus


    Social media’s lack of context and empathy is killing news. Fake stories rise and rise and gain traction because that is how the algorithms that companies like Facebook set them up to be. Remember you are not the consumer, you are the product. Truth is losing value because we are letting these algorithms control our lives and everyday intake of information or i.e. fake news.

  7. snorlz


    maybe its because fake stories are designed to make you emotional and are therefore far more share worthy than actual news? social media just promotes whats popular or trending, whether it be global news or internet memes

  8. I disagree: Facebook just made easier to find and spread around fake news that used to be there even before. I remember when, before Facebook come along —and even before decent internet connections—, I had friends at school into conspiracy theory, etc. very eager to share with the world what they found in magazines or books. Facebook just made that easier because we are not very selective in giving friendship on Facebook: we give our friendships online to people to whom we would never give our phone number.

  9. RockinCasios


    Facebook isnt killing news.

    Media consolidation (that was allowed by the government in 70s or 80s…cant remember when they started allowing it…and took away the fair reporting legislation) is killing news.

  10. stinkerb


    God I can’t downvote this garbage enough. IT spreads fake news. ITs killing real news. Look in the mirror people, YOU are doing it, not some fucking website.

  11. SophieTheCat


    I am unclear how people get news on their Facebook feed? After I blocked friends that talked politics nonstop, my feed is basically relatives and friends posting what they are eating or photos of their kids.

    At this point, if you are getting news on FB, you want to be getting news on FB.

  12. lennon1230


    Just like to point out that “the media” is an incredibly broad term and there’s a world of difference between Cable News, newsy editorial sites, and real papers of record. There are still plenty of real journalists out there who do their best to be fair, accurate, and enlightening.

    People are really, really shitty at discerning bullshit and lots of infotainment outlets pander to whatever base they target, and many offer little to no accountability to the facts. A real paper of record prints corrections, clearly labels opinion from news reporting, and bends over backwards to let the other side have their view represented.

    I myself am not a journalist, but I am friends to quite a few, and it gets old seeing this conversation play out on reddit where they get lumped in with the worst people and places with “the media”.

  13. Porrick


    Who the hell goes to Facebook for news anyway? I’m an immigrant, and I use Facebook to keep in touch with my friends and family back home. It’s not a news source, unless you count my secondary school friends getting engaged or whatever (although, weirdly, I saw that one on Reddit too).

  14. Gld4neer


    The death of ‘real news’ began when reporters stopped fact checking their stories, which is why people stopped trusting the news and turned to other sources (like Facebook).

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